Food Network Maraton: 11:00-11:30, Food 911


Tyler Florence is from the pretty boy school of chefs made so popular, lately, by Rocco of reality TV fame. I can’t stand Rocco–he’s such an asshole to his staff. Tyler Florence, on the other hand, at least seems like a nice guy. And this show is a semi-neat concept: he goes into people’s homes and helps them cook things they’re afraid of or bad at making.

Today that’s a whole fish. And already he’s giving some helpful tips—finding big enough baking pans, etc etc. That’s why this show falls into the “good” category of Food TV shows; it comes nowhere close to the inanity of “Kitchens” (whatever that show was I watched this morning, I already blocked it out of my memory). Tyler’s an actual chef with actual knowledge. What a novel concept.

Amazing how fennel is such a popular food on the Food Network, at least when it comes to fish. Sara just used it in her papillote, the Barefoot Contessa uses it in her salmon, and now Tyler’s stuffing it into the fish along with tangerines. Looks good.

Actually, Tyler is winning me over. Not only is he giving this lady pointers, he’s making her do scary stuff to help get over her fears. He just made her flip a the fish over in hot oil with a spatula and her hand, all the while chanting: “Gracefully, gracefully, gracefully…” Sure, she burnt her hand off, but who needs a hand when your fish tastes great?

Mmmm, actually all this food looks really great. This is the most appetizing stuff I’ve seen so far today–the whole fish, anchovies with lemon and mint salsa–although, to be fair, I’m still starving to death. Actually, I’m taking one for the team and running to Whole Foods… I’ll be back in time for the next show!

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  1. Does anybody know if Tyler’s book is any good? He looks foxy on the cover but I can’t keep buying cookbooks on that basis alone.

  2. I actually like Tyler’s book ‘Tyler Florence’s Real Kitchen’. I’ve used a number of the recipes in it, and while it is by no means a completely comprehensive cookbook, the recipes are solid, well-written and tasty. The meatloaf with his dad’s relish and the beef bourgoignone are real winners. So I’ll give it a two thumbs up. :)

  3. I like this show, too, but sometimes he should adapt to his guests’ kitchen and social condition. I remember the day he taught a college student how to make a chicken-noodle soup FROM SCRATCH. Tyler brought the whole bird and used the biggest pot this poor student must have seen in his whole life. Now, do you know lots of students who prepare chicken-noodle soup from scratch in dorms? Let’s be realistic, I am sure thet swear by Campbell’s.

  4. I love Tyler’s Ultimate. What a great show…But it really scares me when he starts man-handling food with his just-licked fingers….Yeech.

  5. Food 911 is an awesome show!!…I watch it everyday at 11:00 and 3:00…Tyler Florence seems to be a really good cook. He’s definitely my favorite cook on Food Network, but not only does his food look yummy, so does he. He can definitely come help me with any cooking problems…

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