Accidental Carb-Bomb Pizza

First of all, the title of this post is incredibly clever. Carb-bomb, get it? Like car-bomb? I could have spelled it CarbOmb but I thought that might be confusing. Might that have been confusing?

Anyway, tonight I was finishing the finishing touches on my bookshelf and I decided to scurry out for pizza. “Two slices,” I said to the counterman, pointing to what looked like normal pizza. He nodded and shoved two slices into the oven.

After I paid and they yelled out “two slices!” I went to pick it up and put it on the table. As I was adjusting my straw, a man sitting next to me said: “What is that on your pizza?”

I looked down:


There was pasta on my pizza!

“Pasta,” I said to the man. “There’s pasta on my pizza.”

“That’s what it looked like,” he responded, contented.

I stared down. “That’s a lot of carbs,” I said outloud. The man ignored me.

The pizza, for the record, was tasty—but one slice would have been sufficient. Halfway through the second slice, I was fuller than I wanted to be. And I had pie waiting.

7 thoughts on “Accidental Carb-Bomb Pizza”

  1. But carbs are good! :O

    Though, I’ve never seen pasta on pizza before. Where did you go for pizza? I’m not really familiar with pizza in Manhattan(I’m a Brooklyn boy), so perhaps it’s a regular topping there? :D

  2. In North-Italy there is even pizza with frenchfries…. But it is meant only for the young children of the tourists coming from Germany… As a first “getting-to-know” with Italian cousine… When they are adults, they have worked up their way to eating spaghetti with a fork and a spoon…..

  3. In Britain, take-away pizza places tend to do a pizza with chips (fries) as part of the topping. It’s called a “London” pizza. I have to say I’ve never quite understood the point of it, though maybe that’s odd, as I wouldn’t consider it odd for someone to have a pizza with a side order of chips. Hmm.

  4. There’s a place in Toronto called Amato’s, where they have a pizza called the Lucille, or something. there’s potatoes on it, big potato wedges.

  5. There’s a place in Portland (OR) called Pizza Schmizza that has pizza with spaghetti on it (yours looks like penne to me). It looks gross, and I don’t understand the concept.

  6. I have had pizza with pasta on it several times – at DeCola’s on Route 31 in Warren County (Washington, NJ) and in some other restaurants around NJ. I actually like it. It is interesting. When I am not behaving (not watching my carbs that well), I will enjoy a slice with pasta on it. I’ve seen it with spaghetti on it (Frank’s in the ITC shopping area on Route 46) and also with Penne on it.

    I can’t believe you didn’t notice it before you paid for it. Next time look closer at your pizza…


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