We Go to Figo [by Josh]

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For many a meal eaten out we work under the strategy of “I’ve got a twenty in my wallet and I don’t want to stop at an ATM machine or bust out the credit card.” Often this is just a noble goal (especially for two people) and we end up overshooting, but it does give you a nice starting point for the evening. It also allows for a couple nights out in any given weekend.

With the impetus of this site and a little prompting by the Gentleman Gourmand, we started compiling a list of cheap eats to try in Atlanta (forthcoming post to explore this in depth). First on our list to check out (although not on the GG’s list): Figo

Two things about Figo that give it a big advantage before you even walk in the door:

a.) You are hard-pressed to spend more than $7 on an entree.

b.) You can bring your own wine without paying a corkage fee. Not one red cent and they provide a corkscrew and plastic cups (this is huge).

We picked up Kari and headed over to Figo, bottle of Zin tucked under the driver’s seat. (No officer, it’s only for emergencies, you know, like road flares and that unregistered pistol in the glovebox.) Katy ran in and double-checked the corkage policy as we were childishly determined not pay anything extra for what had been a free gift of wine. All was clear and we sauntered in and surveyed the menu.

At Figo you choose a pasta from one list ($3-4) and a sauce from another (all $2-3). The various raviolis are apparently irresistable as we all chose them. Katy had salmon and leeks; Kari tried the ricotta; I quickly chose the mushroom ones.

Woman behind the counter: Sir, you were anything but quick in making your decision.

Me: Shut up! That was quick for me.

Katy: Josh, let’s go. Kari and I are done eating already.

Katy topped hers with the Arrabbiata sauce (spicy tomato and garlic):

Kari and I both went with pesto:


I have a hard time passing up pesto and I tend to like it with a very present garlic flavor. This pesto didn’t have that but some would argue that it was more subtle that way. I enjoyed but I will probably try a different sauce next time. The mushroom ravioli, however, was most delectable. Katy declared hers simple but delicious.

The wine was fabulous. The more so for not suffering from the restaurant markup game. Too many times have we seen our everyday, $4 table wine in California (Forestville) go for $20-24 in a restaurant here. A glass or two of wine can quickly end a cheap eat and it was nice to be able to drink with impunity.

Kari and I drinking. Katy is taking the picture; Impunity must have slipped away for a second:


Our conclusion: Figo is a worthy cheap eat in Atlanta. Go for it. –josh

7 thoughts on “We Go to Figo [by Josh]”

  1. Fun fact of the day: Arrabbiata is italian for “angry,” so ravioli al Arrabbiata, is the angry ravioli!

    And actually, its funny because I made penne al Arrabbiata today!


  2. ooh. forestville. i’m transplanted from santa rosa. bizarre to go to the market and not see entire aisles devoted to wine anymore. :D

  3. Asha: Santa Rosa? My stars, Josh is originally from Sebastopol. We were married in Healdsburg. We may have bumped elbows before.

    Everyone else: You should truly visit beautiful Sonoma County, one hour north of San Francisco. It is the homeland of Josh, Asha, and good wine.

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