Watermelon Vidalia Onion Salad at Agnes and Muriels

In case you missed my original review, I LOVE Agnes and Muriel’s. It’s one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants.

Lauren, on the other hand, isn’t as enamored, mostly because their food is very fried and greasy. Pshaw, I say, but then again I have a speech impediment.

Anyway, it takes a great deal of work to convince her to go there but yesterday the fates were on my side. It was July 4th (in case you missed the memo; hence all the explosions in the sky). Everything was closed. What wasn’t closed? Agnes and Muriel’s. Woohoo!

So I ordered my usual—the fried chicken, the sweet potato fries—and I was just about to order the Noodle Pudding when I decided to take a leap of faith and order the Watermelon Vidalia Onion Salad. How glad I am that I did:


It looks simple enough but it is OH so much more. See it’s not just the strange combo of watermelon and onion (Vidalias, which are tamer). But there was also some kind of strawberry-vinegar syrup that coated everything that made the entire experience Divine. Seriously. Athena popped out of my head, it was so good.

I wish I had the recipe handy—there is an Agnes & Muriel’s cookbook you can buy—but alas I don’t. If anyone has it, I’d be much obliged. As for now I’ll tend to my gaping head wound and dream about one last visit before I head to New York.

5 thoughts on “Watermelon Vidalia Onion Salad at Agnes and Muriels”

  1. omg! my mum makes watermellon salad… she makes it with spanish (red) onions and no syrup… just watermellon and onions… nothing better on a hot summer night with a bbq (using vegetarian sausages of course!) lol

  2. My mother-in-law made a watermelon and vidalia onion salad a few years ago. I believe she got the recipe from either the Cleveland Plain Dealer or the Akron Beacon.

    Anyway, I’m having a group over for dinner and I found this recipe that seems closest to what my mother-in-law made (honey, I remember, was an important ingredient). I am planning on skipping the watercress and raspberries in the recipe I found.

    Good luck finding Agnes’ recipe!

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