Topless Tapas [by Katy]

[For three weeks, Josh and Katy blogsit]

Sure, we made ourselves sick on birthday brunch all morning. But in the tradition of this blog, we geared ourselves up for another round of indulgent eating. We took off our shirts and drove to Eclipse di Luna, a tapas place in Buckhead.

(Okay, we weren’t REALLY topless. And yet think of all the additional hits this post will get because I used that word in the title! Now that’s good marketing!)

Here’s Josh, working up an appetite outside the building with our friend Raj:

Top on or off, Josh and I love tapas. Yes sirree. We have an especial fondness for Sweet Devil Moon in Oakhurst, and Noche in the Virginia Highlands — both excellent spots for a festive get-together — but we decided upon thoughtful reflection that we hadn’t eaten enough at Eclipse di Luna. So we gathered up twelve of our closest friends and headed there for a party.

See? Here’s Josh, settling in for another excessive meal with friends:

JOSH: Whee! It’s my birthday!


The thing about tapas is, it’s mostly an excuse to drink. We got pitchers of mojitos and sangria, and I was tipsy in about three minutes. We also got tons of tapas: sauteed shrimp and garlic, mussels, calamari, olives, almonds, tomatoes stacked with fresh mozzerella, ciabatta bread, empanadas stuffed with spinach, dried cherries, pine nuts and cheeses.

Here’s some half-eaten food. I should have taken more pictures … but you know, the sangria:


I don’t want to make you jealous, since you all weren’t there, but this was maybe the best birthday party ever. It was one of those difficult-to-recreate occasions in which everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

You can see that I was pretty happy, even when Jon, that guy next to me, appeared to be ready to TURN INTO A VAMPIRE:


That Jon really was out of hand. It wasn’t long before he and Nicole, a respectable married couple, started making out! Gross! See?


There was some live Spanish guitar, and the mood turned rowdy.

You remember Matthew and Kari, right? Well, it may shock you to learn that Kari began dancing raucously. Josh even joined in!


All in all, we certainly enjoyed Eclipse di Luna, although in some respects they could have fed us doggie kibbles and we would have, oh, crunched them down merrily and poured another mojito.

Some notable absences: the Amateur Gourmet and Lauren! What’s the deal with this bar exam, anyway? I love seeing them topless. Ah well, another time.

— katy

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