Three Weeks with Josh and Katy

There comes a time in every food bloggers life when he must quote the Von Trapp family. Allow me to do so now as I bid you, temporarily: “So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night” (or in this case “goodbye”). You see, my friends, my bar-study-status is earthquake shaky and full attention must be paid. This blog, however much I love it (and I do love it) must temporarily sit (no pun intended) on the back burner. But never fear. It’s only for three weeks. I’ll be back three weeks from Thursday, to be exact: July 29th.

In the meantime, I leave you in glistening hands. May I now present the finest Food Blog-Within-A-Blog That Ever Existed: THREE WEEKS WITH JOSH AND KATY (Update: This feature can now be found above this post in the main blog and without the hassle of a further click!)


Josh and Katy are two of my favorite people, they are married (to each other!) and they love to cook. They are funny, enterprising, and willing to entertain you while I am gone. Need I say more? So do us all a favor and show them the love you have so kindly shown me these past six months. I promise to be posting comments on their site-within-a-site and hope you do too. And I’ll be back quicker than you can say “I have confidence in sunshine.”



A Drop of Golden Sun

(aka, Adam: The Amateur Gourmet)

7 thoughts on “Three Weeks with Josh and Katy”

  1. Good luck studying for the bar, Adam! I hope you do smashingly. I’m really looking forward to hearing about your adventures in NYC!

  2. Yes, good luck on the bar, but I will miss you dreadfully, as will your unborn child. It is screaming in the way that only a hysterical embryo could.

  3. sorry that your leaving but good luck with everything. make sure you stay nourished! and live to tell about it.

  4. Just as a general opinion question to the AG community: do you prefer J&K’s blog-within-a-blog fine as it is or would you rather J&K posted directly to the main page? Your thoughts and feelings in iambic pentameter, please.

  5. Good luck, Adam. You WILL pass, and you’re smart to put all your efforts into that one goal. Take it easy and remember — you WILL pass!!!! Stay positive.

    One thing that helped me in a weird way when I was taking the bar exam was when I woke up that first morning (two day exam), I heard about the death of a local basketball player, Reggie Lewis of the Celtics, who was in his early 30s I think. He left a child and a pregnant wife. Hearing that story helped me put into perspective what’s important in life. Yes, it means a lot to pass that test, but it means even more that we’re alive, have the opportunity to succeed or fail, and have the time to live our lives. Take care and good luck.

  6. AmateurG: The answer to your question lies here sans pentameter. Go ahead and let J&K post to the main page; that would make sense and be user-friendly for your loyal readers. Good luck with the bar exam – something tells me you are a right smart fellow and know how to do some serious cramming. I have every confidence in your abilities!!

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