There’s No Fortune Like Cookie Fortune [by Josh]

[For three weeks, Josh & Katy blogsit]

Actually fortune cookies rarely hold fortunes anymore … unfortunately. When we broke open our cookies after a meal at Burrito Art (more “art” than “burrito” but quite tasty despite that) we found the following non-fortune fortunes:

Katy: “Be charitable, it will be appreciated.”

Josh: “Prosperity is our God given right.”

A better pairing I challenge you to find.


6 thoughts on “There’s No Fortune Like Cookie Fortune [by Josh]”

  1. Hey, don’t forget to add ‘, in bed.’ at the end of your fortunes…

    Or is that too juvenile? :-)

  2. In a fit of MSG overdose, my sister and I actually wrote a letter to a local chinese restaurant which we frequented well frequently complaining about the fortunes. I remember one line was, “My last fortune said I was a kind and generous person. That not only isn’t a fortune – it isn’t even true!”

    Naturally, we didn’t sign our real names to it. However, we were still embarassed to see it posted by the cash register the next time we went in.

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