The Most Delicious (and Expensive) Cherries Ever

Amateur Gourmet here to tell you about some yummy (though mighty price-y) cherries. I was in Whole Foods yesterday (people, I live on top of a Whole Foods—it’s difficult to avoid it) and they had a giant bowl of yellow/red cherries out. I’d never seen a yellow/red cherry so I took one and ate it. It was delicious. The sign said Rainier cherries. I said: “Sold!”

However, at the register, the woman scanned my sushi which rang up as $4.99, my drink which rang up as $0.99, and then the cherries. My small bag rang up as $7.55.

“Woman!” I said. “Are you crazy! That is way too expensive for cherries!”

I sadly told her to put them aside–that was way too much money.

But tonight I had a craving: a craving for Rainier cherries. It was dusk and the wolves were howling. I ran outside, grabbed $7.55 from a small child with a piggy bank, and burst into Whole Foods ready for the cherries. There they were. There I was. I grabbed a bag, proceeded to the cashier, who scanned them and said: “Sir, these cherries cost $7.55, are you sure you still want them?”

I laughed and said yes. The small child with the piggy bank cried.

I ran home and poured the cherries into a bowl (after rinsing them):


Aren’t they beautiful? I’ve been eating them all night. I have a giant bowl of pits next to me. Even the pits look good. These are some tasty cherries. Now back to my studies—which, by the way, officially end a week from yesterday when I finally (thank God!) finish the bar. I’ll be back a week from today ready to blog into oblivion! Life will become a bowl of fill in the obvious blank. Ciao!

8 thoughts on “The Most Delicious (and Expensive) Cherries Ever”

  1. I have also had the Ranier cherry craving and spent WAY TOO MUCH on them at Whole Foods. However, a couple weeks ago, I discovered that they sold them at Sam’s Club–in big quanities (obviously) and at much lower prices. I’ve been enjoying them cheaply ever since. :)

  2. I discovered Ranier cherries when I was in Seattle in the summer of 99. At the Pike Public Market they sell them for $1.99 lb. . .had me hooked.

  3. That is just weird. . . my mom bought Ranier cherries from Harry’s and I was eating them this morning! They are delicious, but maybe not worth $8.

  4. I still remember my first – Ranier cherry about 2 or 3 years ago. I believe it is high on the list of exciting food experiences. They are damn good looking fruit. They even look fine in the plastic bag.

    A little tip – the fruit stands in nyc now sell them – and obviously cheaper than in Whole Foods.

  5. Barbara Heckenlively

    We just a 30 foot Ranier Cherry tree in our yard. No fruit last year because of the early frost. We didn’t know right away what kind of cherry they were but now know. We may have trouble reaching the loaded limbs on top, but I’ll try.

  6. aw man i only discovered ranier cherries after years of those dark red whatchamacallit ones… they are superb…

  7. Found Rainer cherries in San Francisco’s China Town last summer for $1.99 per pound. We bought tons of them and enjoyed them all day.

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