The Blog Within [by Katy]

[For three weeks, while the Amateur Gourmet is away, Josh & Katy blogsit]

This is what the temporary leadership of this site looks like:


I (Katy) am on the right. That is Josh on the left. Prince (center) is not part of this blog.

Regarding us. We are older than the Amateur Gourmet, and possibly more worldly-wise. We agreed to provide this blog-within-a-blog because of our deep and abiding concern for the Amateur Gourmet’s law career. Let’s be frank here: he is an impulsive and reckless young fellow who needs to buckle down and hit the books if he’s going to pass that bar. (And I SEE you reading this, Adam. Now, is this going to be on the bar? IS it?)

We, on the other hand, are working people. Well, Josh is. I am a full time graduate student. Except in the summer, when I’m not full time. Actually now I do nothing. Hey, that’s not true! I work out, and watch Days of Our Lives! (Seriously, have you guys been watching it? All the people Marlena killed ARE REALLY STILL ALIVE. Who knew?)

More to the point, I have some time to bake right now, and embark on culinary adventures! Which is good news for you all. Although our culinary adventures will be, oh, more budget-minded than the Amateur Gourmet’s. We tend to do brown-bag lunches rather than eat out everyday, for instance. Oh, and we never eat at world class restaurants. And we can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods. And we sometimes eat black beans and tuna fish from the can for dinner. And we don’t have a cat. We had to eat it.

But all of this will be exciting! Exciting dining on a budget! Let us know how you feel things are going. Don’t be a stranger. –katy

7 thoughts on “The Blog Within [by Katy]”

  1. Oh, the wit doesn’t end! This should be brilliant, even IF Prince isn’t going to participate. Eh, either way. Good luck!

  2. What, you mean Prince will not be a part of this? Oh phooey ;-) Best of luck to Adam and cheers to Josh and Katy.

  3. You ate the cat!? I thought you said you’re not mammal-eaters? Now I don’t know what to believe!

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