Rubber, Indigestible Pseudo-Sausage

Check out this Slate piece which asks the question: “Which hot dogs are the tastiest?” before we gorge ourselves on July 4th. What are YOU eating this Independence Day?

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  1. How did they not test Vienna Beef hot dogs? Vienna Beef hot dogs are practically a religion in Chicago. A good Chicago style hot dog will definitely use Vienna Beef. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!

    We had a great 4th. We grilled out – we had bratwurst, cooked the Wisconsin way (boiled on the stove with 3-4 cans of beer, 2 slices white onions, and a few pats of butter) for about 15-20 minutes, then cooked on the grill for 10 minutes. While someone (my husband) grills the brats, I drain the onions and then fry them up in a little butter and olive oil. SO good.

    Everything else we had on the grill, too. Garlic potatoes a la Ina Garten (in tin foil w/ olive oil on the grill, sliced up in rounds), corn-on-the-cob, and grilled peaches. We had never had grilled peaches before, but I saw an episode of Paula’s Home Cooking last week where she grilled peaches and it looked delicious. All you do is take ripe peaches, slice them in half and discard the pit – dip the bottoms in butter, then in sugar, and grill them to desired doneness. It’s smoky and sweet tasting.

  2. We had chicken fajitas, zucchini, honeydew, and black beans. More appropriate for, say, the seventeenth of September (Mexican Independence Day), but perhaps we were celebrating diversity.

    And pound-cake cupcakes with raspberries, strawberries, and fresh whipped cream for dessert. Strumulescent.

  3. My fianceƩ and I had steak (broiled w/montreal steak seasoning b/c I no longer have access to a grill), corn on the cob, green beans sauteed w/olive oil and garlic. . .

    But the big winner this weekend has to be the Tomato Pie that I made for dinner (as a side) on Saturday night.

  4. I went to to BBQ in Gadsden, AL…smoked butts, potato salad, baked beans, hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad (macaroni salad in AL) and much more I could not fit on my plate. Oh yeah, a ton of Miller High Life too.. :)

  5. Question:

    I was born and raised in Chicago. I now live 300 miles away in southern Illinois. Where can I find Veinna hot dogs in this area? I’m close to St. Louis, if that’s an option. Finding them closer will eliminate the “food runs” I make every couple months.


    Mary Holthaus

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