On The Side

Ok, so this IS a food blog—posting divisive movie reviews is probably not the best idea. At least not on the main page. You all must have been so frazzled today–my apologies! Hence, I have shifted all non-conforming content where it belongs: on the side. Check it out. On the side. Right side. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “On The Side”

  1. There’s no reason to apologize for your previous post. For what it’s worth, I respect you all the more for writing it. Blogging is a personal thing, and although this is technically a food blog, I see no reason why the post caused such uproar. The review was honest, well thought out, and one of the least inflammatory out of the many reviews that I have read so far for this film. Your site is excellent, and if certain people choose to abandon it because they don’t agree with something that you said, well I say it’s their loss.

  2. Thanks Coco—but I’d been meaning to do the “On The Side” thing anyway for a while, was just too lazy to set it up. This proved a good opportunity! Expect more reviews and non-food-related items to come. That is AFTER I take the bar.

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