Get Out The Vote [by Josh]

[For three weeks, Josh & Katy blogsit]

You Atlantans out there may have no idea how to vote in next Tuesday’s primary election … but a food and culture survey? Local alternative weekly, Creative Loafing has your survey right her: 2004 Best of Atlanta. In particular I direct you to where you can vote on Atlanta’s best restaurant in a variety of genres: here.

For that section I encourage you to shill for your favorite restaurant in the comments. Let us know what your favorite fried fish or grits place is; tell us (and Creative Loafing) where the best deli is, where the top dim sum is. Tell us why we should vote for a particular place, and who knows, maybe we will. You have he power, here is your soapbox.

And if anyone wants to vote for the Amateur Gourmet, please see the place to vote for Best Local Blogger: here.


3 thoughts on “Get Out The Vote [by Josh]”

  1. I don’t know if Josh intended for me to weigh in here, but I am going to have to put in a shout-out for Madras Saravan Bhavan, the best Indian food in Atlanta. VOTE FOR THAT.

    And frankly, people, I would like to see the Varsity stay OFF this list for a change. Jeez Louise, am I ever sick of hearing about the Varsity! The food there is decidedly NOT outstanding. It makes my arteries hurt even driving by.

    It’s one of the restaurants everyone feels compelled to gush over, and profile on Food Network shows about Atlanta, like it’s some hidden gem. Whatever, I say! Nonsense!

    If you really want traditional, old-style cheap Atlanta food, go to Pig-n-Chik, or Mary Mac’s Tea Room, or Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles. No need to bring yourself closer to death eating mediocre hot dogs. That’s what I say.

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