Carvel Ice Cream Cake

I basically have four friends in these sad days of bar exam study—if you define friends as the only people you see because they are law students too and you are otherwise cloistered from the world at large. Among these friends is Andrew (who you’ve heard a lot about) and it was his birthday on Saturday. We went to a steak house to celebrate.

But that’s not what we’re here to discuss. We are here to discuss the cake. Andrew’s sister brought a Carvel Ice Cream cake. The cast of “Backdraft” stood close by as they lit the candles on it:


(They went a little overboard on candles).

Do you remember Carvel ice cream cake? I didn’t until I was served my slice:


It was those little chocolate crumbs that did it. Childhood memories rushed back and I was a kid again. I wet my pants. The table was not amused.

But seriously, Carvel ice cream cake was such a staple of my childhood. Any birthday party worth going to had a Carvel cake, and it’s those brown crumbs–dots?–that make it great. And the combination of ice cream and icing. But mostly the dots.

And remember the song? Someone snapping their fingers and then: Caaarvel…ice cream….Caaarvel…ice cream…America’s freshest ice cream every day at Carvel…

Ok that’s all I remember. Memory lane is now closed until further notice.

5 thoughts on “Carvel Ice Cream Cake”

  1. You’re lucky you’ve successfully blocked the memories of the terrifying floating cookiepuss cake in their TV commercials. COOOOOOOOOKIEEEPUSSSS!

  2. The chocolate “crumbs,” as I learned on the Food Network or maybe the Travel Channel, are called “crunchies.” This is because, as we were told, other ice cream cake manufacturers use cookie crumbs or cake bits which become soggy when sandwiched between layers of soft-serve. Not at Carvel; no sir. Crunchies, we are told, remain crunchy. And that’s that.

    I could definitely go for a Fudgie the Whale right about now.

  3. It has been over 25 years since I’ve had Carvel ice cream. The taste has long been overshadowed by Dairy Queen and TCBY :-(.

  4. I have the best memories of carvel cakes. Unfortunately we are overseas and they don’t have them! The ice cream places here use a cake :P not the crunchies- so its just not the same. I would like to attempt to make a homemade carvel cake for my child’s birthday. Any ideas?

  5. I need crunchies – anyone know where to get them or how to make them? When I get a cake from a Carvel you can get extra crunchies but we’re not near a Carvel , luckily our ShopRite sells them from a special case- however – no extra crunchies.

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