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We met David, JC and Matt at Cafe 458 for brunch. Conveniently if you remember the name of the place you remember the address: 458 Edgewood. However, if you lose the little scrap of paper with the address, you lose everything, you don’t know where you are, where you are going, your own name. All your eggs are in one address/name basket.

If you are Matt, you never find that piece of paper but you make it to Cafe 458 somehow. If you are David, you are inspired and a order a literal basket (bowl) of eggs (and biscuits and gravy).

(Sorry about the focus, it just wouldn’t stay still.)

Cafe 458 sells brunch on the weekends but during the week it is a restaurant for Atlanta’s homeless. Before our first visit I was positive about supporting a good cause but dubious about the meal. I pictured a pancake breakfast with leathery pancakes, fake syrup, good feelings – the fare of many previous benefit breakfasts. Somewhere where you would describe the meal as “not that bad, actually.” Not so with Cafe 458, it treats you delicious.

Witness the Lemon Raspberry Bread Pudding French Toast:


Katy went savory with the Tofu Hash:


JC took a more tradtional, comfort route with his combo:


Matt chose my second choice, the stawberry almond pancakes:


All of the above came from here:


On a little side note, David ate his first meat in a long while at this meal. Turns out that moving back to Georgia from New Jersey will do that to you … especially if presented with biscuits and gravy. He reported his meal tasty even as his eyes flashed red and his chest hair grew. Matt looked on alarmed:



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  1. Bread pudding and french toast! This sounds awesome too!! No really – what could be better than bread baked in egg and milk and then fried in egg and milk – and then covered with fruit glaze, sugar and syrup?

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