Wonderful, This Class Is Full

Thank you for participating in “Class Attendance, Take 2.” If you’re coming late to class, you may need to see the registrar and sign up for an alternative class like journalism with Professor Drudge at The Drudge Report. Ha! Journalism at the Drudge Report. As if!

If I had the time I would compile all the data and tell you all about who reads this site. But since I don’t, I’ll make some up:

67% of site readers are women, 20% are men, and 13% are eskimos.

60% of site readers are American, the rest are not American and therefore subject to penalties under the Patriot Act.

30% of site readers prefer forks over spoons; 30% prefer spoons over knifes; and 40% prefer Mork over Mindy.

Anyway, thanks again for participating! So far we have 88 regular site readers…not bad for a poor boy from the sticks. Of Boca Raton.

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