Two Theories of Blogging in the Face of an Overwhelming Workload

I would like to present for you now two competing theories of blogging in the face of an overwhelming workload (hence the title). The theories go like this:

Theory One: A heavy workload is so demanding that blogging becomes impossible. All the resources one might devote to his or her blog and his or her blog-reading audience are tapped by said workload. The blog festers and dies. This is a depressing theory of blogging in the face of an overwhelming workload.

Theory Two: A heavy workload is so demanding that the mind begins to splinter and crack, forging two planes of competing consciousness. One plane struggles to contain all the essential information one needs to handle their workload; this plane is the anal-nerdy plane. The Urkel plane, if you will. Will you? I hope you will. The other plane is spinning overhead, and it’s a disco dance floor replete with bubbles and strobe lights. There, all the random thoughts that fizzle through the Urkel plane land and have a dance party. In times of heavy stress, the dance party is an all night affair. Weird things happen there. This can be very good for a blog. Posts are–much like this one–senseless yet strangely enjoyable.

What will studying for the bar do for The Amateur Gourmet? Will we shrivel and die? Or will we boogie the night away on the dance floor of splintered consciousness, forcing random and strangely enjoyable posts, like this one, on our readers? Will we constantly speak in the royal we? Stay tuned. The party’s just beginning.

5 thoughts on “Two Theories of Blogging in the Face of an Overwhelming Workload”

  1. BarBri sucks. It SUCKS. That being said, I got with theory 2. Cuz I feel the same way. Today I went out on a date and didn’t do my BarBri work. I spenbt the night doing shots with a guy I just met when I should have been reading trusts and estates. And now I feel terrible. MUST CRACK THE WHIP.

  2. Studying for the bar sucks big time. I never really had textbook nightmares until I studied for the bar last year. It’s stressful, but the key is balance.

    So, I would think this blog is a good way to take a break from studying for the bar so that it doesn’t consume you. (You’ll soon start hearing your friends in barbri tell you how many questions they did the night before. I know- you think your friends are too cool for that. I thought the same about mine, but they did it nonetheless. It will drive you nuts.)

    Some people go to the gym to ad balance to their lives, while some people just get drunk with strangers. Either way you’ll do fine and pass the bar. (Note: The phrase “you’ll do fine” became a phrase of encouragement that I grew to hate when I studied for the bar. Now I take pleasure in telling other people they’ll do fine. :-))

  3. Just remember — it’s a pass/fail test. All you have to do it pass. This was my mantra, and it seemed to work for me. Keep up the blogging — it’ll keep you sane. Best of luck.

  4. I hear you, brother.

    I’m doing barbri right now too.

    We did the mbe simulation today and I was horrible.

    I’ve dropped off on the MBE prep for about the last two weeks to get going on procedure and evidence and the Texas essay subjects, which comprise 50% of our exam.

    I was hitting about 68% on all the mbe subjects when I was working on them, but once I stopped working on them I drop off to about 55%.

    I wasn’t ready for the crim law, or the property subjects today. Some of those recording questions threw me because I took Texas land titles and I couldn’t remember how those laws worked.

    I’ve never sat down and worked 200 problems like that before.

    My shoulder was so cramped that when I moved my head from one side to the other I thought it was going to snap off.

    I’ve haven’t blogged in months, but what the heck?

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