The Secret of the Silver Skillet Biscuit, Undiscovered


The biscuits at the Silver Skillet are the best in Atlanta. They are flaky and perfect and light as a feather. They are, in fact, among my favorite things to eat.

While I was there today, then, I decided to ask for the recipe. I thought i would use my site’s cache to earn credibility. I approached the counterman cautiously.

“Sir,” I said, “hi, my name’s Arnold Freedenblocker and I run a website called Chocolate and Zucchini. I was wondering if I could have the recipe for your biscuits?”

He gave me a look like I just asked him to take his pants off. In fact, he did take his pants off.

“I’d rather take my pants off then give away our recipe!” he said, exposing his polka-dotted boxers to the biscuit-eating public.

“Oh,” I replied.

“Our biscuits are what we are known for,” he explained, pulling his pants back up. “Can’t give that away, sorry.”

Curses! Oh well, it won’t end there. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

6 thoughts on “The Secret of the Silver Skillet Biscuit, Undiscovered”

  1. Hi Adam– I’m getting ready to start my four years as an Emory undergrad this fall, and I love food (but I’m a vegetarian, and don’t look like I love food lol) so I enjoy reading your posts. In fact, I think I will write to everyone on the Emory Intros page and tell them to check out the site. I have to look on the amateur gourmet for advice on where to eat in Atlanta. Thanks! –Raine

  2. Huh. Those are box biscuits if I ever saw any. They might doctor them some way – maybe add sugar to get you hooked. Or else throw in some lard with the Crisco. Probably daub some grease on top to give them that little crunch when you bite into them (not against this practice at all mind you). Popeye’s does this and I love their biscuits even though they are not grandma’s.

  3. damn do I ever miss the silver skillet. . .

    but I was always more partial to the biscuits at Bobby and June’s Country Kitchen, just right down the road.

    There aren’t any wonderful southern breakfasty places like that in the DC area.

  4. i lived for five years in atlanta, going to emory, and loved the biscuits at the silver skillet. of course, i preferred at that time (circa 1977-1982) to hang out at the majestic diner (but never before midnight) or ma hulls over by grant park (until she got kicked out of her boarding house) — now, ma, she could cook biscuits. but, my grandma had a diner in cuthbert, georgia, and her cook, thelma, she made the best biscuits. bar none.

    all i know is, can’t get biscuits like that out here in san francisco.

  5. Please don’t leave for Juilliard without giving us more Pancetta. I need to be on the floor again, on my knees, trying to get my breath because I can’t stop laughing. (“I wish my friends weren’t so fat!”) Please, where is Pancetta?

  6. This is probably a totally superfluous question to ask an amateur gourmet, but… did you ever see Tampopo? They found out in the end, so there is hope!

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