Peach Ice Cream Makes A Liar Out of Me

Remember how I told you yesterday that using all cream in your mix instead of a milk/cream combo would make the ice cream stay soft in your fridge?

Apparently I was wrong:


My glorious peach ice cream is now more like peach-pit ice cream because it’s hard. Like a pit.

Here’s my theory: the juices from the cooked peaches comingled with the creamy base and created a new liquid substance that decided it would not stay soft in the fridge.

“Stay soft in the fridge? Not me,” said the ice cream in a candid interview. “Peaches are always getting s**t for being mushy and delicate. Everyone’s always petting my downy skin and I’m like: Yo! Hands off woman! You don’t know my life! I just wanna be cool and tough, ya know? Like my boy, da nectarine.”

Da nectarine was unavailable for comment.

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  1. hey ag-

    next time try putting some alcohol in the ice cream base. maybe some vodka or hey, peach schnapps! the alcohol prevents the ice cream from freezing too hard. good luck.

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