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Frank Bruni, the new New York Times restaurant critic, is doing a wonderful job so far in his new role. He immediately won my favor when he reviewed, for his first review two weeks ago, my favorite restaurant in the world Babbo. I shared his sentiment when he wrote: “Among the restaurants that make my stomach do a special jig, Babbo ranks near the top.” The line he draws between three star and four star dining–differentiated by service and ambience (the music at Babbo rocks a little too hardcore for Mr. Bruni) seems fair enough. I, of course, sit gladly on the three-star side of that line, but his explanation helps me understand what places like Per Se and Charlie Trotter’s are going for in their approach.

Today’s review of

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  2. Elliot Goldberg

    Frank Bruni is doing a horrible job as the New York Times Food Critic. He rewards mediocrity by giving places like BLT Fish 3 Stars and condemns those who want to do something more genuine and innovative by giving ALTO, chef Scott Conant 2 stars. Can you believe Babbo received 3 stars, what a joke. . . The Modern only recieved 2 Stars?!? . . . Compared to Babbo THE MODERN AND ALTO are far superior in not only the service and ambiance but the level and honesty of the food that is coming out of the kitchen. These chefs are pushing the bar and taking risks. When it comes to being a taste maker Mr. Bruni’s pedestrian palate may not be the right choice for the New York Times (Citysearch.com perhaps). As a “foodie” and business man who takes clients and friends out all of the time I must say BLT Fish nor Babbo are the places we go. The Modern and Alto are. . . Reading the most recent review Mr. Bruni wrote about Alto on July 13th, 2005. . . was it a food critic writing the review or an uptight man in a bad mood. He picks and pokes at the most strangest things, the pronunciation of buon appetito is comical to him “Who Gives a crap”. Mr. Bruni if you read this can you please explain to the New York City readers that take food seriously where you came from and what your background entails. I have been reading the work of Erik Asimov and Florence Fabrikant for quite some time but you don’t seem to be at the same taste level of these true Food Critics.

  3. Leslie Bruni

    I like the way you write Uncle Frank. Though I don’t get to read your articles very much because we don’t often recive the NEW YORK TIMES here in California I know you are a great writer(even though in your book, Ambling into History, I can hardly understand half of the suff you are saying but you can’t blame me. I am only 10). I like the topic you write about. FOOD. I love food! Any kind of food exept for sushi. Oh, and liver. I hate liver. The words you write are so good it is like you smeared candy onto the paper for me to lick off. Please keep writing so that when I go to New York this summer I can think as I read the NEW YORK TIMES my uncle wrote that. My fun, amazing, loving and wonderful uncle. XOXOXOOOOXXXXO


  4. Frank just wondering if we are related!!!!!!!! not to many Brunis in San Francisco but im in the Linen Business and take care of the finest returaunts here we came out here in early 1920s Steve Bruni

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