How Googleable Am I?

When I track how people are coming to my site (something I do way too often), I’m constantly amazed by the Google searches people do that lead them here. What follows is a brief list of terms that, when typed into Google, will lead you to this very site. Clicking the terms below will take you to the Google search results:

Corn Wear

Kirsten Dunst Porn Movie

Gross Cheese

Black Mom’s

**Explicit Search, Click with Caution**


Sushi Bar

Starbucks Corporate Structure

Girlish Figure

And, of course:

Janet Jackson


I, for one, am amused.

Actually, this is a good time to point out that many of you e-mail me with suggestions like “Adam, you should try Tacqueria Del Sol!” or “Adam, you should plant your own cherry tree!” when in fact I already have. (Except for the cherry tree, that is). So my suggestion is that you use Google to see if I’ve already done the thing you’re suggesting. Just type in “(thing that you are suggesting)” and “Amateur Gourmet” and see if it comes up. You never know. Now off to attend to my girlish figure. Is anyone else amused that my site is the first thing to come up when you type “girlish figure” into Google?

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