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Friends, I thought I could pull it off but my balance is on the wane. Yes, my bar-study is suffering and now I need to cut back a bit from this site. I’d really like to avoid going on a “hiatus,” so I developed a little plan. The plan is pretty simple. Are you ready? You guys do the work for me!

Seriously! It would be a huge help if any of my 88 site readers would e-mail me a small piece about what they ate for dinner, or what they cooked for lunch, or what they think about Bobby Flay. As a reference, just refer back to my previous posts from the past few months. Keep it light, keep it bright and keep it food-related and get your name in lights!

I’ll make an effort, now and then, to give you all a prompt. I’m going to do that tonight in my next post. But, please, if you feel inspired write something up and e-mail it to me. My e-mail address is on the lower left site of the page. Pictures would be great too.

I hate to be all Sally Struthers on you, but won’t you help a gourmet in need? Think of the children.

4 thoughts on “Help The Amateur Gourmet”

  1. I think that’s a great idea. I would start a food blog myself but it’s challenging enough having two blogs. So thanks for the impetus to write about food. You’ll be hearing all about my culinary exploits…oh yes…you will….

  2. I sent you something. Dont know if it counts though. I could easily whip up something else!

    *scampers off to do so*

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