Frustration in the Face of Incredible Kindness

I received so many great reader submissions today–three fridges, a pie and a sauce—and I’m DYING to post them but my stupid computer is irritating the Inferno out of me! It has decided that I am not allowed to upload pictures anywhere. One might think that: “Oh, Adam, it’s an issue of space” but it’s not! Because, ok, I usually post my pictures to my .mac account and that’s clearly not full, but even if it was, there’s no reason why I couldn’t alternatively post the pictures to my Typepad account? Neither will let me do so. So I’m theorizing that some kind of firewall has surfaced? Does that even make sense? Why do bad things happen to good bloggers? Well: Harry, Veronica, Terrance, Christie and Wendy first of all my gratitude and second of all my apologies. I’ll have to postpone posting your brilliant submissions until tomorrow. As for everyone else, please–keep sending stuff in and eventually I’ll figure out what’s up!

1 thought on “Frustration in the Face of Incredible Kindness”

  1. If you use a mac, it could be that the jpg files aren’t the right format. Can you not upload pics or do the uploaded files not work? cause if the uploaded files don’t work, then you might have to save them as “save for the web” jpg files, then re-upload them. if they just won’t upload in the first place, well, i don’t know what to tell ya. =o) I hope everything works out!

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