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My apologies but I have nothing to offer you this evening. I was at “Screen on the Green” where they played “The Sound of Music” in Piedmont Park. May I recommend that you check out Food Porn Watch for a list of the most recently updated food blogs? Now on to more pressing matters like how to solve a problem like Maria?

4 thoughts on “Food Porn Watch”

  1. Gasp! Did you see the men who came wearing home-made “playclothes” admirably similar to the ones Maria makes for the children? They brought green hats with yellow feathers! And Ricola posters! Eee-hee-hee!

  2. A.G.-well I suppose you deserve a day off once in a while–now back to work!! I was intending to partake of ScreenontheGreen but I figured the grass was wet and I’d be Le Miserable. I remembered reading eGullet’s Q&A with Alton Brown and saw your Q about restaurants. Apparently the big A.B. likes Canoe and the Dirty Queen–very interesting. Maybe one day you’ll have an eGullet Q&A and share the wisdom with the minions?

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