Dinner With Katharine at Mama Fu’s

Katharine is the star of two Thursday night dinner songs, the rather melancholy “Women Outside The Bakery” and then the rather inspiring (and incredibly well-sung, on her part) “Suddenly Salad.” I totally recommend that you listen to them.

Tonight we had dinner plans. She was coming from her Pilades class and promised that I wouldn’t recognize her because she would, after one Pilades session, look like Kirsten Dunst.

To show my support for her claim, I came to dinner wearing my Spiderman pajamas. She got out of her car indeed looking like Kirsten Dunst except sweatier.

Katharine had suggested we go to Mama Fu’s which is a cheap/fast Asian Noodle house chain owned by the people who own Moe’s the cheap/fast Mexican burrito chain.

[8 minutes to spare!]

So anyway she suggested that we share edamame, which we did:


Edamame is a pretty decent thing to eat but I never really experience edamame euphoria. I think the secret is in the salt. If you coat anything in salt and then suck on it it will taste good.

Don’t quote me on that.

The entree was Red Thai Curry and considering its reasonable price it tasted mighty fine:


A good quick dinner with a good quick girl.

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