“Decoding Ferran Adria”

I really enjoyed this sneak peek of Anthony Bourdain’s profile of Ferran Adria. For those not in the know, Ferran is the chef and founder of El Bulli in Spain—perhaps the most important food innovator in the world today. For those who read The New York Times Magazine Section he was on the cover a few months ago with his carrot foam. My birthday dinner at Blais was frequently in the style of El Bulli, particularly the condiments served in an eye dropper:


Anyway, if you do watch the videos, be sure to watch the third one where Bourdain samples Adria’s pastaless pea ravioli. His reaction is priceless.

11 thoughts on ““Decoding Ferran Adria””

  1. is this the ferran adria on the time 100 moast influential people?????

    much appreciated if you coul tell me

  2. hola soy hernan david, soy estudiante de cocina en colombia y me gustaria que me regalaran informacion gastronomica sobre nuevas tendencias, ya que es muy poco lo que consigo en internet.

  3. Hello!

    I’m Angel and I’m doing my thesis abut success in restaurant and i like you send to me some information about this if you can or any information about restaurant or gourmet.

    Thak you

  4. Hola, soy Cinty de Cordoba Argentina estoy estudiando gastronomia, y estoy mas q fasinada con las nuevas tendencias sugeridas por Ferran Adrià,desde su especie de “cocina laboratorio” y me gustaria profundizar en el tema. Espero una pronta respuesta

  5. hey! i have the same article in my blog too! hehehe .. he’s something isn’t he ? man, i wish i could fly to el bulli right now .. :P

  6. Hi I am in Perth, Western Austalia (south of the border you could say!) ad last night I had the pleasure of seeing a documentary on Ferran Adria and his amazing resturant (science lab.). Left e spell bound. In the inerview he mentioned a citrus fruit from asmania, AUSTRALIA. If possible could you please tell me the name of the fruit please. May you stay exploring & also ROOLAXING! Take it easy David Ould

  7. the fat duck in bray was recently voted the best restaurant in the world… whist i think there is no such thing… have they not been to El Bulli? God is creating and cooking on earth… can I have a reservation please????

  8. Ferran Adria is in fact not the founder of El Bulli. He joined the kitchen staff at the age of 22 and within 18 months became head chef. Indeed, a man like this really is the Salvador Dali of Culinaria.

  9. Hi all

    sure El bulli is grate and innovative. But we all know what the truely bedst restaurant on the world is called !!

    The French lanudry. I have been at the el bulli, the fat duck and the french laundry and unlike El bulli and TFD, the laundry is food as we know it and like is to be. After all food is meant to eat…… Pez out

  10. Saw the “Decoding Ferran Adria” program about 6months ago. Was stunned by what a powerful eating experience el Bulli must be so wrote down the name and promptly lost the note and forgot the names!

    Yesterday I remembered the program so Goooogled Spanish restaurants and found el Bulli which seemed to be the right one.

    Last night, while surfing the channels, I came across a rebroadcast of the program!!

    That is just so way beyond coincidence that I am choosing to believe it’s a sign that one day I will be at el Bulli immersed in the full experience of Ferran Adria’s art.

    Can’t wait!

    Lynn South Africa

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