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Dear Valued Customer,

We here at The Amateur Gourmet want to make your blog-reading experience as pleasant as possible. Our team of 70 loyal workers and artisans live to serve you and your needs. Why else are we kept chained together in Adam’s closet, starved and whipped without mercy until his posts are crisply edited and his videos flowing seemlessly? To serve you, that’s why. And because no one can hear us when we scream.

Lately we’ve noticed that the blog has been a little “bogged” down. Top-heavy, shall we say? Looking at it now, we see heavy quoting on the upper right corner and a too-long list of movies on the left side. Is this ok? We’ve also noticed that the movies are slower to download. Do you think this is because there are so many?

If we were to cut back on the movies, which movies should remain? How about the songs? Any other aesthetic criticisms?

Thank you so much for your time. If you respond promptly, we can lick salt off a spoon. Hooray!


The Amateur Gourmet Team

6 thoughts on “Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. I too almost never watch the movies. I always check out the site at work and bunny puppets would get me busted! The titles alone crack me up though.

  2. Now that you ask, I enjoyed a couple of movies, but they are hard to d/l at work. Cut some of the songs, maybe just a greatest hits section and let folks write in to request others? My you do have some energy don’t you?

  3. I’ve watched most of the movies (and enjoyed them) but haven’t ever listened to the songs. The last movie did take a long time to load, but making muffins with sock puppets? It was worth it.

  4. Until I read that, I never actually noticed the films and songs. What do your stats tell you? If a lot of folk are clicking on them, all well and good. If not, then you could consider ditching them. Just my tuppence

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