Class Attendance, Take Two

Back in March I took class attendance to get an idea of who was reading the site. Now that we’ve had a media blitz (that’s a fun thing to say: media blitz), I’d love for conspicuously quiet regular site readers to come out of the woodwork. New ones too. So, if you don’t mind, can you please share with us:



How You Found The Site:


Favorite Utensil:

Thanks! And old site readers, you can play too.

121 thoughts on “Class Attendance, Take Two”

  1. Name: Jen

    Location: Kansas

    Marital Status: long term relationship

    Martial Status (black belt, etc): my boyfriend has a blue belt…

    How You Found The Site: link from another site

    Occupation: industrial design student

    Favorite Utensil: fingers

  2. Name: Lisa

    Location: Harrisburg, PA // Chicago, IL

    How You Found The Site: I don’t really remember actually…a link from someone

    Occupation: Student at Loyola Chicago and waitress during the summer

    Favorite Utensil: Spatula, wooden or plastic handle with rubber thats not to hard but not too soft either.

  3. Name: Jo

    Location: Austin

    How You Found The Site: Turns out it was from the Janet Jackson Cupcakes link on Metafilter. Speaking of which, has anyone been to see a movie lately and see her little CDletts that come on top of the large drinks? I could not resist finding two and placing them over my nipples. Ok, TMI, but really.

    Occupation: Geek

    Favorite Utensil: Those big plastic spoons you get with Pho.

  4. Name: Andrew

    Location: Born in ATL, School in Boston, and currently in Poreta, Italy

    How You Found The Site: eGullet

    Occupation: Student/cook

    Favorite Utensil: my santoku knife. it’s deadly.

  5. Name: Jacqueline

    Location: (was) NYC, (now) Milan, Italy

    How You Found The Site: Don’t remember. Must be one of the food blogs . Chez Pim, I think…

    Occupation: Quantitative analyst

    Favorit Utensil: Wooden spoon

  6. My name is Delilah

    I live in Kiev, Ukraine (i’m from San Fran)

    I was surfing through food blogs, and followed a link to the “Is my blog burning?” Condaleeza Rice pudding recipe. It was entertaining, and I just keep coming back for more!

    I am a Peace Corps volunteer.

    My favorite utensil is my paring knife, with the accessory, knife sharpener!

  7. Name: Leslie

    Location: Rhode Island

    How You Found The Site: Accidentally, thanks to those janet jackson cupcakes.

    Occupation: Student and food fiend.

    Favorite Utensil: The spoon!

  8. Name: Calrion (that’ll do)

    Location: Brisbane, Australia

    How You Found The Site: Typad featured sites

    Occupation: IT Professional

    Favorite Utensil: pasta pot—so convenient!

  9. Name: Kristy

    Location: Austin

    How You Found The Site:

    Occupation: archivist

    Favorite Utensil: microspatula

  10. Name: Pete

    Location: Cambridge,MA

    How You Found the Site: From your egullet postings.

    Occupation: engineer

    favorite utensil: my chef’s knife or my tongs

  11. Name: Samantha

    Location: Lovely NYC suburbs (ie Fairfield county CT)

    How You Found The Site: Typepad

    Occupation: Was IT professional, now returning to culinary field

    Favorite Utensil(s): Tongs, heatproof spatula and silpats

  12. Name: Carter

    Location: Austin

    How You Found the Site: Some food blog about 2 weeks ago

    Occupation: programmer

    Favorite Utensil: grapefruit spoon

  13. Name:leslie

    Location:Akron, OH

    How You Found The Site:eGullet


    Favorite Utensil:Wooden Spatula/Spoon

  14. Name: Forrest

    Location: Taneichi, Iwate, Japan

    How You Found The Site: Link from another when madly adding food blog links to aggregator

    Occupation: Middle School Teacher

    Favorite Utensil: SHARP knives

  15. Name: Jen

    Location: Decatur

    How you found site: AJC article

    Occupation: Realtor

    Favorite Utensil: Wooden Spoon

  16. Name: Kat

    Location: Houston, TX

    How I found the site: Searching for new blogs to read (google) and found yours close to the time of the Janet cupcakes story.

    Occupation: Office manager for a custom home builder

    Favorite utensil: A short, small perfectly squared off spatula with no drainage holes. It may not seem useful but it’s great for making anything that required scraping the bottom of a saucepan, etc.

  17. Name: Sara

    Location: Austin, Tx

    How you found the site: little.yellow.different’s miniblog link to the cupcake

    Occupation: student, nanny, and possibly about to become a personal chef at the beginning of next week

    Favorite utensil: sharp knives

  18. Name: Katie

    Location: Boston, MA (but I’m Australian)

    How you found the site: Typepad Featured sites

    Ocupation: Graduate student in phyysics

    Favorite utensil: Egg whisk

  19. Name:mary

    Location: Atlanta

    How I Found Site: AJC article

    Occupation:Attorney (you really should be studying more for the bar exam)

    Favorite Utensil:corkscrew

  20. Name: Ritilan

    Location: Atlanta

    Found site via: Google

    Ocupation: Sr. Network Engineer

    Favorite Utensil: 3 quart Saucier

  21. Name: Jennifer

    Location: Raleigh, NC

    Found Site: Link from other website

    Occupation: Chemist, Freelance Writer

    Favorite Utensil: Pastry Blender (So many uses other than pastry!!!)

  22. Name:dms

    Location:NY (the western side)

    How You Found The Site: another cupcake convert

    Occupation: Marketing

    Favorite Utensil: Wooden Lemon/Lime Juicer

  23. Name: Sara

    Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    How you found the site: My husband found it thru a link to your cupcake article.

    Occupation: Financial

    Favorite Utensil: My tongs and my small whisk, but I have 2 drawers full of small utensils.

  24. Name: Anne

    Location: NYC

    Found site via: Clotilde

    Occupation: books (editorial)

    Favorite utensil: Wusthof knife

  25. Name: Jeanette

    Location: Chicago, IL/Singapore

    Found Site Via: the JJ cupcake madness

    Occupation: writing final papers…i mean, Student

    Favourite Utensil: potato peeler. =)

  26. Name: Kate

    Location: CT

    How You Found The Site: Kinja | Food

    Occupation: hip Mom

    Favorite Utensil: I gotta go with wooden spoon, too.

  27. Name: Kate from the USA

    Location:The Hague, Netherlands

    How You Found The Site: clickover

    Occupation: self-employed hotelier

    Favorite Utensil: whisk

    Beautiful Site-mine needs a lot of improvement


  28. Name: Jennifer Hamilton (aka: Domestic Goddess and soon to be aka: The Sweetish Chef)

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    How I Found Your Site: link from Chocolate & Zucchini, I think…

    Occupation(s): Part-time Nurse, Part-time budding Pastry Chef

    Favourite (spelled with Canadian/British Spelling) Utensil: does my KitchenAid count? if not then my small off-set’d be surprised just how many tools it can replace…not that I’d ever actually replace them…God forbid!

  29. Name: Jay

    Location: Metro Atlanta Area

    How You Found The Site: Google

    Occupation: IT nerd

    Favorite Utensil: (tie) chef’s knife and tongs

  30. Name: Jessica

    Location: Brighton, England

    How You Found the Site: The cupcakes, of course.

    Occupation: Translator and part-time grad student (linguistics)

    Favorite Utensil: The trusty wooden spoon!

  31. Name: Mara

    Location: Chicago

    Found site: Josh & Katy via Nate

    Occupation: soon-to-be law student

    Favorite utensil: spoon

  32. Name: Nanc

    Location: Dallas, TX

    How You Found the Site: link from Not Martha (re: Nat’l Carb Awareness Day post)

    Occupation: unemployed TechWriter

    Favorite Utensil: whisk.. no, tongs! Arghhh – I like them all.

  33. Name: Mark

    Location: Centre Hall, PA

    How You Found The Site: Uh, I have you in my RSS agregator… ;-)

    Occupation: Network Engineer

    Favorite Utensil: Mandolin

  34. Name: Katharine

    Location: Atlanta

    How You Found The Site: you skipped rehearsal to be on CNN during the cupcake craze

    Occupation: arts administrator, soon to be law student

    Favorite Utensil: demitasse spoon

  35. Name: Jill

    Location: Akron, Oh (Hello Leslie!)

    How Found: Chocolate and Zucchini link

    Occupation: Librarian

    Favorite Utensil: Fingers

  36. Name: Dani

    Location: North Carolina

    How You Found The Site: I found it through a crafting site that was linking to your carb awareness day. The blog was megan[dot]scatterbrain, and she calls herself the non-Martha Stewart.

    Occupation: Customer service

    Favorite Utensil: Microwave! I don’t cook; I just read about food. I don’t have the patience for anything that takes longer than a minute-thirty in the microwave :-).

  37. Name: Jill

    Location: Akron, Ohio (Hello Leslie!)

    How Found: Chocolate and Zucchini link

    Occupation: Librarian

    Favorite Utensil: Fingers

  38. Name: Lisa

    Location: WA

    How You Found The Site: The first time it was the cupcakes via Metafilter. But Carb Awareness Day via kottke brought me back to stay.

    Occupation: Programmer

    Favorite Utensil: Slotted spoon that has a flat end like a spatula. I don’t have one of these but I’ve been looking. So useful!

  39. Name: Matilda

    Location: Montreal, Canada

    How You Found The Site: eGullet

    Occupation: graphic designer / dreamer / fellow amateur gourmet

    Favorite Utensil: rasp

  40. Name: Lynn

    Location: San Francisco

    How You Found The Site: Via Chocolate & Zucchini. I came for the reviews and stayed for the QuickTimes.

    Occupation: Graphic Designer/Photographer

    Favorite Utensil: Tongs. I came to tongs later in life and so they are all the more precious to me.

  41. Name: Lenn

    Location: Sayville, NY (Long Island)

    How You Found The Site: A food blog list somehwere…I don’t even remember

    Occupation: Writer

    Favorite Utensil: Chop stick…just one…two is just over doing it.

  42. Name: Mike

    Location: Wisconsin

    How you found site: another food blog, can’t remember which one

    Occupation: grad student

    Utensil: the knife (8 inch Global)

  43. Name: Cate

    Location:East Lansing, Michigan

    Occupation: Healthcare Administrator

    How I found the Site: A link from Foodgoat.

    Favorite utensil:The grater-no question.

  44. Location: London

    How I found the site: Felt like making cupcakes, searched google for a good recipe and happened upon your Janet Jackson creations

    Occupation: Student

    Favourite utensil: My wok (I study Japanese) or my trusty wooden spoon

  45. Name: Seema

    Location: Seattle, WA

    Occupation: PhD Student / Every night when I’m asleep, I’m also a restaurant owner chef.

    How I found the site: From Chocolate & Zucchini I think.

    Favorite Utensil: My authentic stone mortar-pestle and my J.A. Henckels knife.

  46. Name: Prim

    Location: Germany

    Occupation: Lady of Lesuire ;-)

    How I Found the Site: Typepad

    Favorite Utensil: Wusthof Chef’s knife

  47. Name: John

    Location: Seattle

    How You Found The Site: Umm. Don’t remember. Must have been linked somewhere, maybe boingboing?

    Occupation: USENET administrator

    Favorite Utensil: Spork.

  48. Name: Beth

    Location: London or Singapore

    How You Found The Site: through Chocolate & Zucchini

    Occupation: Law student

    Favorite Utensil: Chopsticks are the most useful, but a zester is the cutest of them all.

  49. Name: Hadley

    Location: Pensacola, FL

    How You Found The Site: Don’t really remember–back in February–most likely Janet Jackson cupcakes.

    Occupation: Student

    Favorite Utensil: Dough Blender

  50. Name: Emily

    Location: Boston-ish

    How You Found The Site: eGullet — the “upside down pineapple kugel” story!

    Occupation: intellectual property lawyer by day, uh…asleep by night

    Favorite Utensil: 3-way tie (lame!) between silicone spatula, OXO tongs, and flat olive-wood spoonula I got for $1 at an antiques shop.

  51. Name: Lacy

    Location: Orange County, CA

    How You Found The Site: From Chocolate and Zucchini

    Occupation: IT tech, frustrated writer, amature gourmet =)

    Favorite Utensil: My brand new bright red Kitchen Aid Mixer! Does an appliance count as a utensil?

  52. Name: Kristin

    Location: Seattle-ish

    How You Found The Site: Metafilter (the cupcake link)

    Occupation: Student. I always feel a little pretentious when I call that an occupation.

    Favorite Utensil: Spoon! But not a soup spoon.

  53. Name: Charlie

    Location: Iowa City, IA/Naperville, IL

    How I Found the Site: Dave Barry’s Blog?

    Occupation: College Student/Summer Day Camp Counselor

    Favorite Utensil: Meat Tenderizer

  54. Name: Gregg

    Location: Mempho

    How…: eGullet

    Occupation: Numbers runner

    Fav Ute…: Tongs

  55. Name: elizabeth

    Location: atlanta

    How You Found The Site: ajc

    Occupation: student

    Favorite Utensil: bread knife… it makes it so easy

  56. Name: Seatle Bon Vivant

    Location: Downtown Seattle

    How You Found The Site: Searching for a Rhubarb I found your Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler”


    Favorite Utensil: My hands? ;-)

  57. Name: Melissa

    Location: New Orleans

    How you found the site: largeheartedboy blog

    Ocupation: Medical researcher

    Favorite utensil: My professional Henkels boning knife

  58. Name: Erin

    Location: Atlanta

    How I Found the Site: AJC article

    Occupation: College Student

    Favorite Utensil: Tongs

  59. Name: Harry

    Location: Modi’in, Israel

    How I found the site: Through another food blog.

    Occupation: Media whore

    Favorite Utensils: My liquid injector bottle and my tongs. I love my damn tongs. They have changed my life.

  60. Name: Kerry

    Location: New Orleans

    How I found this site: a friend thought I would like it & now I am an AG addict

    Occupation: environmental consultant

    Favorite Utensils: Tongs and Santoku Knife

  61. Name: Luisa

    Location: New York City

    How I found the site: Chocolate & Zucchini

    Occupation: literary scout

    Favorite Utensils: Le Creuset cast-iron pot

  62. Name: pasdquoi

    Location: Philadelphia

    How I found the site: I came here once for the breast cupcake (linked from somewhere else), then again for the Carb Awareness Day (another link) and now I am reading regularly.

    Occupation: I work at a Large University in Philly-D

    Favorite Utensil: My little whisk with a chicken on top! Oh the cuteness!

  63. Name: karin

    Location: Sacramento

    How I found the site: link from Megan not Martha on National Carb Awareness Day

    Occupation: Insurance Underwriter/Office Slob

    Favorite Utensil: new olive oil poury bottle

  64. Name:Megan

    Location: Philadelphia

    Found the site: Came in from Not Martha on Carb Awareness Day.

    Occupation: College Admissions Coordinator

    Favorite Utensil: rasp grater (and my apron!!! I’m a slob)

  65. Name:Amy

    Location:ATL- via Woodstock

    How I found this website: Cupcake Link from

    Occupation: Accountant

    Favorite Utensil: Mandoline (sp)

  66. Name: bebs

    Location: wales

    How You Found The Site: general trawling

    Occupation: teacher

    Favorite Utensil: wooden stirry thing

  67. Name: Jennifer

    Location: Vermont USA

    How You Found The Site: TypePad Featured Site

    Occupation: former sorority president

    Favorite Utensil: the blender

  68. Name: Christine

    Location: New Zealand

    How You Found The Site: Kinja

    Occupation: Programmer Geeky Person

    Favorite Utensil: Chef’s Knife

  69. Name: Beth (aka Irielle or Iri)

    Location: Twin Cities area

    How You Found The Site: Through Not Martha’s blog in the early days of the cupcake frenzy

    Occupation: Fulltime Mom & aspiring writer

    Favorite Utensil: spatula

  70. Name: Josh

    Location: rural Virginia USA

    How You Found The Site: from another food blog, i forget

    Occupation: University Paper Monkey

    Favorite Utensil: spoons

  71. Name: Naomi

    Location: Aspen, Colo.

    How You Found The Site: A friend researching blogs found it, loved it, and now I’m addicted

    Occupation: reporter

    Favorite Utensil: adustable measuring teaspon

  72. Name: Anthony

    Location: Perth, Australia

    How You Found The Site: delicious

    Occupation: ESL teacher

    Favorite Utensil: Brieto M-11 cleaver

  73. Name: Loretta

    Locations: right outside NYC

    How I found the site: who can remember?

    Occupation: lawyer (and why is someone so talented in food and writing becoming one???)

    favorite utensil: my maple cutting board from Vermont

  74. Name: Leigh

    Location: Columbus, OH (temporarily!)

    How You Found The Site: typepad feature

    Occupation: VP, Marketing

    Favorite Utensil: french chef’s knife (so fast, so perfect!)

  75. Name: Jenifer

    Location: Orange County, CA

    How You Found The Site: Random blog reading…can’t recall where.

    Occupation: College student, p/t assistant to local attorney

    Favorite Utensil: Melon Baller! Good times…

  76. Name: Mark

    Location: Atlanta, GA

    How You Found The Site: I was there from the beginning, of course

    Occupation: Minature Golf Pro/Aspiring Philanthropist/Former Monk

    Favorite Utensil: #2 Pencil, sharpened

  77. Name: Lindsey

    Location: Seattle

    How You Found The Site: notmartha blog

    Occupation: Student

    Favorite Utensil: mmm tongs

  78. Name: Zoe

    Location: Florida

    How You Found The Site: I was searching for information on Google about the Janet Jackson boob incident for a paper I was writing, and happened upon your site because of the cupcake thing.

    Occupation: Student

    Favorite Utensil: It’s a tie between the bread knife and the melon baller.

  79. Name:Jonathan


    How You Found The Site:Typepad

    Occupation:O-level student

    Favorite Utensil:Whisk, and spatula; but it melted in the dishwasher.

  80. Name: Danford

    Location: Midwest, US

    How You Found The Site: Largehearted Boy music blog

    Occupation: Student

    Favorite Utensil: my fingers

  81. Name: Cate

    Location: Atlanta

    How You Found The Site: Your Per Se post on

    Occupation: mom

    Favorite Utensil: chopsticks

  82. Name: Joseph

    Location: Dallas

    How You Found the Site: Typepad Featured site

    Occupation: Bookseller

    Favorite Utensil: Electric Carving Knife

  83. *siddling into the back row quietly*

    Name: s’kat. My parents were on drugs.

    Location: Virginia, somewhere between the backwaters and the backwoods.

    How You Found The Site: through eGullet

    Occupation: While I work at a library, I’m not a librarian.

    Favorite Utensil: Chopsticks.

  84. Name: Karen

    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    How you found the site: eGullet a couple of monts ago

    Occupation: museum worker

    Favorite Utensil: oh chopsticks, I’ll have to go with that one too.

  85. I was on vacation last week, can I still get credit for turning my assignment in late? I found you through a link on Bakerina’s site, but I don’t think she links you anymore. Alas! I live in Indy. I am a medical writer. I like tongs, which in my family we pronounce “tongases.” A good big knife is also indispensable.

  86. Name: Jonathan

    Location: Montreal, Quebec – for the summer

    Favorite AG Video: A Video Message from Lolita

    How You Found The Site: after much pleading from the AG, I checked it out…

    Occupation: Student

    Favorite Utensil: rat tooth forceps

  87. Name: Amity

    Location: Atl

    Found the Site: AJC article

    Occupation: paralegal

    Favorite utensil: chop sticks

  88. Name: Avril

    Location: Asheville, NC

    Found the site: luck of the gods

    Occupation: Aesthete

    Favorite utensil: wooden spoon

  89. name: Peter

    Location: Perth, Western Australia

    Found the site: late night blog trawl

    Occupation: intrepid seeker of the truth

    Favorite utensil: benriner japanese Vegie slicer

  90. Name: Phil

    Location: San Francisco

    How You Found The Site: I can’t recall- a link from another blog?

    Occupation: Production Assistant on an animated TV show

    Favorite Utensil: Hand mixer- its kinda silly

  91. Name – Jimmy

    Location – Atlanta, GA

    Found this site – because Adam IMed me & said, “hey check out my site.” I even got to shape the look of it.

    Occupation – Television Producer

    Favorite utensil – I am a painter of the utensil actually! I really like the spork, popularized by KFC.

  92. Name: blair.

    Location: Chicago, IL

    How You Found The Site: eGullet. I think.

    Occupation: Sofware Developer

    Favorite Utensil: A good, sharp, and well-balanced knife

  93. Name: Jason

    Location: Buffalo, NY

    How You Found The Site: Geeze, I can’t really remember. Long time reader though.

    Occupation: Web Designer

    Favorite Utensil: I bought “toast tongs” at a store in Toronto. They are only my favorite utensel becuase I ended up losing them :(

  94. Name: JenPink

    Location: Nampa, ID

    How You Found The Site: I don’t recall exactly…probably surfing for xml/rss feeds

    Occupation: technical writer

    Favorite Utensil: Garlic press, hands down. No more stinky fingers!

  95. Name: Catherine

    Location: Singapore, Singapore. Only here for a semester though–I actually live in California.

    Found this site: Link on Chocolate and Zucchini.

    Occupation: Your mom! Er… making stupid your mom jokes. Err… Applied mathematics student. (That’s why my jokes are so bad.)

    Favorite utensil: Knife. They never give you knives here. You have no idea how much you need a knife until you can’t get one.

  96. Name: Kate

    Location: Seattle, WA

    How You Found The Site: Word of mouth!

    Occupation: English Teacher

    Favorite Utensil: Wooden Spatula

  97. i am looking for the recipe of a good “tres leches cake”.

    can anyone help…………..


  98. Name: Erin

    Location: NYC

    How You Found The Site: Don’t remember.

    Occupation: Ad Sales

    Favorite Utensil:Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star Knife

  99. Sure would love the recipe for your friend Craig’s dad’s apple pie – if it’s not a special family secret, would he share? Thanks

  100. Name: Jeanne

    Location: Indianapolis

    How You Found this Site: By the grace of God :>)

    Occupation: commercial insurance business

    Favorite Utensil: my trusty old (sharp) french knife

  101. Name:Kate


    How You Found The Site: Someone on Nigella Lawson forum said it was well worth checking out!

    Occupation: Part time Sales Associate/ Part time Baker!

    Favorite Utensil:My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

  102. Name: Christine

    Location: Honolulu Hawaii

    How I found this site: Reading the New York Times while lying at the beach

    Occupation: Lover of Life

    Favorite Untensil: New Shun knife

  103. Name: Tina

    Location: Portland, OR (formerly Cobble Hill)

    How I found this site: Came across the truffle tasting cartoon somehow- I love your site- it makes me miss Brooklyn!

    Occupation: Lawyer

    Favorite Untensil: definitely my garlic press

  104. Name:duygu


    How You Found The Site:link on some blog i dont remember


    Favorite Utensil:Measuring Spoons

  105. Name: elisabeth

    Location: boston

    How You Found The Site: reading your delicious book, the Amateur Gourmet

    Occupation: far too depressing to go share

    Favorite Utensil: the spatula that came with a rice cooker..simply amazing and truly versatile

  106. Name: Ido

    Location: NYC

    How You Found The Site:Looked for Mushroom Soup recipe, found the amazing post about the Balthazar cook book soup

    Occupation: I-Banker

    Favorite Utensil: my kid’s Dora the explorer set

  107. Name: Ido

    Location: NYC

    How You Found The Site:Looked for Mushroom Soup recipe, found the amazing post about the Balthazar cook book soup

    Occupation: I-Banker

    Favorite Utensil: my kid’s Dora the explorer set

  108. Name: Ido

    Location: NYC

    How You Found The Site:Looked for Mushroom Soup recipe, found the amazing post about the Balthazar cook book soup

    Occupation: I-Banker

    Favorite Utensil: my kid’s Dora the explorer set

  109. Name: Ido

    Location: NYC

    How You Found The Site:Looked for Mushroom Soup recipe, found the amazing post about the Balthazar cook book soup

    Occupation: I-Banker

    Favorite Utensil: my kid’s Dora the explorer set

  110. Name: sib

    Location: england

    How I found this site: from some other food blogger’s link. the name caught my eye.

    Occupation: economist

    Favorite Untensil: wok

  111. Christilyn

    Boulder, Colorado


    Found site looking for/at your Bouillabaisse recipe and blog so, of course, then I became a huge fan.

    STORY: When my bro first moved to Boulder from Boston, we used to
    throw an annual Bouillabaisse Bash – inviting friends to bring favorite
    bottle of wine and a pound of seafood [assorted fish, lobsters (if they
    were bringing lobsters they were allowed one each not necessarily a
    whole pound!), giant prawns, and king crab, the clams and mussels &
    squid (cleaned before they show up) and I made the broth and had
    everything ready to go when the assorted seafood showed up to add gently
    to the large pots (yes 2 pots) of bubbling broth. I also bought raw or
    partially cooked bread dough from my local bakery to finish baking in
    my oven so when guests arrived I was just pulling several loaves of
    fresh baked crusty sourdough or french bread out of my oven. The house
    smelled like Paradise in Paris. This was always the BEST party ever!
    AND we always had enough left over to send guests home with their own
    jar of the amazing fish soup with a ribbon on their large Ball Jar.

    Occupation: retired Event Planner

    Favorite Utensil: variety of sizes of good TONGS.

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