A Man and his Durian

6 thoughts on “A Man and his Durian”

  1. Ok, I’m wanting to do a paper on the corralation between lawyers and food!!

    It’s such an interesting combo. :)

  2. Oh no! The Durian!

    When my wife and I travelled in Vietnam a few years back, we had way too many encounters with this frightening fruit (one that’s capable of doing serious physical damage). One time, we were asleep in a van with about ten of her family members. As we woke up, we started sniffing, noticing an awful smell that was like a baby’s diaper had been removed and spread about the van. Turns out the family had just broken open a durian for a snack.


  3. A little late in the day to be saying this, but it is illegal to wield a durian with intent in Thailand.

    Also, it’s absolutely to die for, if you learn how to eat it (it’s like cheese). The risk of having a ripe durian fall on your head from way, way up high while you’re scrabbling around 2 metre grass taller than you are for the fruit is completely worth it.

  4. Durian is so good when you eat them at the right time. There are various types of Durians. If you eat them before they are too ripe, they are not mushy, and the scent is rather light.

  5. I loved durian!! Have you made durian ice cream??

    Durian always fall at night, so no one will get hit in the head.. (unless you’re a robber sneaking at night)

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