Wasabi Snooters

I am of the opinion that “Jackass” has merit. Great drama involves great tension: Will Hamlet kill his uncle? Will Godot ever arrive? Will Johnny Knoxville survive the fall when he pole vaults over a perilous ledge? Such is the magic of theater. (Or, in this case, television).

Tonight, flipping through the channels, I stumbled upon “Jackass: The Movie.” Kismetically, the scene I encountered was food related. I have never seen “Jackass: The Movie” and I didn’t really know what I was in for.

Johnny and his pals are at a sushi bar in Japan(?) and the title card reads: “Wasabi Snooters.”

One of Johnny’s friends gets a big bowl of wasabi and starts mixing it with soy sauce.

“Oh boy!” I laughed knowingly. “He’s going to eat all that wasabi! That guy is going to eat an entire bowl of wasabi!”

Then, after stirring it together, he began layering the soy-soaked wasabi onto a metal tray.

“Why is he doing that, I wonder?” I wondered.

Much like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas, he scraped the wasabi into a line.

“What in heavens–?”

And then he snorted it.

“He WHAT?”

Snorted it.

“I don’t believe you.”

Dude, watch your TV.

“He—-oh my word.”

Apparently, snorting wasabi leads to rapid shaking of the head and vomiting. And for those of you requesting Amateur Gourmet feats of strength, the answer is NO.

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