Three Official Entries! Woohoo!

Blessed be my readers—three of you have generously participated in my generous “Adventurous Food Weekend” contest. All the entries are great so far. I’m still waiting for the pictures from one entrant, so I’ll postpone the “judging” until tomorrow… but please know that I’m incredibly thrilled! If I could I would buy cookbooks for you all. Unfotunately, the losers must be shot. Company policy. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Three Official Entries! Woohoo!”

  1. Please give more notice for contests! I did something marginally adventurous this weekend and tried the Nielsen Massey chocolate chip cookie recipe from the TheBestChocolateChipCookies blog, which someone suggested in response to your request for chocolate chip cookie recipes. But I didn’t read about the adventure contest until Monday! I guess I’ll have to read more diligently.

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