The eGullet Wars

Sorry for my bad posting today. I’ve been engaging in brutal Per Se discourse on

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  1. I had missed your previous 12 page flamewar experience. You really know how to shake those crazy cats up, no?

  2. As an addendum, my husband and I are going to a trip to California wine country next week. Our original plan was to make reservations at the French Laundry, but as the day drew near, we finally decided to throw in the towel. In the end, I couldn’t justify spending that much money on one night of fine dining. At least, not during a week-long cross-country trip. Your reviews of Per Se and CT leave me no doubt that my husband and I would have felt in a similar manner. I’m ready for my first In’N’Out Burger experience.

  3. Don’t let them get you down! One of the benefits of a fresh perspective – is exactly that.

    It’s a hard knock life being out there stating opinions. Someone, and usually it’s the most vocal someone around, will disagree and take you to task for pointing out the chive garnish was a little limp. It’s all part of getting an “aged” perspective.

    To say that only “educated” palates have a right to comment on a meal, is naive in its on right. The statement assumes, to a small degree, that restaurants are only for the “educated” palate and the people reading the comment are all looking for an “educated” opinion. Which is patently untrue.

    Keep up the good fight – your opinions and perspectives matter to us…

  4. People at eG need to get over themselves. Legwork or not, you seem to have a sophisticated palate, you’re a good, thoughtful writer, and you’re honestly presenting your responses as you had them. Your opinion is just as valid as anyone’s.

  5. Thanks for your support everyone. I actually think it’s fun to get into an eGullet flame war, but apparently the administrators thought differently: they deleted everything this morning that didn’t pertain directly to “Per Se.” Ah well.

    And s’Kat, I don’t know…from what I hear, French Laundry is supposed to be quite different from Per Se and a life-shattering dining experience. However, I also heard that it hasn’t reopened yet. And, might I add, that In-N-Out Burger is my favorite fast food joint ever. I miss it.

  6. Well said, Lex.

    I lurk around here pretty much every day. If you’re feeling watched it’s probably just me, and I’m harmless. Or harmful. One of the two.

    I did read the last ruckus on Charlie Trotter’s on eGullet. Some of those people seem nice and some are very full of themselves.

    What makes the arguments so funny is that they (the food ‘elitists’) imply that you have to have experience to know that something you don’t like really does taste good but you’re just not sophistocated enough to realize it.

    It’s like the wealthy buying the tackiest, ugliest piece of ‘art’ because it is expensive and an ‘artist’ who is among the in crowd did it. One crowd will ‘oooh and ahhh’ over the work while the rest will say, “Looks like crap to me.”

    Then again, you don’t like biscuits and gravy, so what do you know anyway?

    Just a little tease, there.

  7. I find it mildly amusing that this Bux fellow believes that you need to do “leg” work to comment on food. Granted, some people may have better palates than others, but at the end of the day, good food is good and bad food is bad. I dislike the over intellectualization of so many things in the world (law in particular). Writing food commentary is not the equivalent of deconstructing an essay by Derrida or writing a Ph.D. dissertation on quantum physics. To discuss food you need two things: good table manners and taste buds.

  8. Don’t let them get you down. I used to visit there but then after a while I just can’t stand the some of the people there who seem to be so full of themselves. I guess they just ‘follow the leaders’ ….. the admins there really think that they are the best of the best and only the bestest. Bleh!

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