Thank You For Your Requests

Give the people what they want, that’s what I always say. Apparently the people want me to drink wine, make borscht, and eat testes. Easy enough!

Actually, for those of you eager for me to become a vinophile, I photographed the four bottles of wine sitting on our counter for your analysis. Can you see them? Can you tell me about them? Which should I drink first? [If this bar review stuff stays status quo, I’ll be drinking all four in one night…]


4 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Requests”

  1. Um, I can’t really make them out from the picture. The one on the left is some sort of Pinot Grigio, yes? The J. Lohr next to it is a white, from the shape of the bottle – maybe a Chardonnay? Next is obviously Mystery Wine. And I’m guessing the one at the far right is one of Coppola’s, from what I can see of the label, although I have no clue as to what sort it is.

    What do I win?

    As for which to drink first: if you’re just tasting them, go from white to red. (I’m assuming that at least one of those is red.) If you go the other way, your palate will just be all discombobulated. Trust me.

    If you’re having them with food, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Don’t worry too much about the “white with fish or fowl, red with meat” thing. Just don’t eat anything with vinegar, as it will affect the way the wine tastes.


  2. After Josh and I come over to help you drink those bottles, we should go to Watershed in Decatur and taste. They are a wine bar as well as a restaurant.

    What’s more, Indigo Girl Emily Saliers, who owns the place, has poured for us there before. She’ll teach you about wine. The hardest to learn is the least complicated.

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