Soy Is Bad

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  1. It IS really bad for you. Yesterday, i had a free sample of sour cream and onion flavored soy chips. i ate them because i thought that soy was good for you. boy, was i wrong! i will not grace this page with an explanation of what these things did to my intestines. safe to say, i will not be eating those again.

  2. Oh, come on. What’s a lifelong veggie to do these days? Between the Atkins madness and now this new anti-soy campaign. I’ve been eating soy for more than 10 years as a source of protein, and I haven’t had any ill effects healthwise yet.

  3. What is a lifelong veggie to do for protein? Umm… well, as far as protein goes have you maybe considered legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds and whole grains? Just a thought.

  4. I’m really over it all. This country has one fad after another; that’s pretty much accepted. The low carb thing has to go; now we’re talking about how bad soy is. I’ve been consuming something soy-related for almost 5 years, and I’ve never had any effect that I thought was unhealthy. I’ll agree with Jill, though. Moderation is the key word. Soy has done wonders for vegetarians and those who can’t properly digest anything dairy. Either way, if you go overboard on it, like anything else out there, bad things will happen. I don’t really see the breaking news in that. Next.

  5. Ditto – everyone else has said it all before: moderation is key. What’s more, I have some major issues with that article and other sensationalist pieces like it. I don’t claim to be any expert on soy, but I’ve done a little bit of work with hormones, and much of what she writes is true (if you gorge on soy and nothing but soy to ridiculous excess). Writers need to be more accountable for their work – I’m sick of reading articles like this that cite no peer-reviewed resources and show no credible evidence to back up their claims. Enough is enough…

  6. Like all food trends, soy may be overdone but the article is sensationalist. I’ve eaten all things tofu and soy my entire life and haven’t had any adverse affects. As previous posters have said moderation is the key.

  7. All people who drink water die too. Does that mean water should be banned? Seriously, ALL foods have plus sides and minus sides. There are so many plus sides to soy, and so many health reasons to eat it. Of course, it’s not perfect– but anything you use to replacethe soy in your diet is going to have health detriments too.

  8. Nah good fresh tofu is really (and not in a well I can’t eat meat so this’ll have to do) good but I had to go to Japan to find this out.

    Thanks Jill – Edamame was my favourite summer snack. Waiting for the soy backlash-backlash shouldn’t be long.

  9. Not only that, but it’s vile. I always figured the only reason anyone eats it is for the purported health properties. I couldn’t be more delighted by this turn of events!

  10. This has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with the almighty $$

    Soy is costing the dairy and meat industry millions of dollars, so why not spread some Fear Uncertainty and Deceit about soy to counteract the economical effects?

  11. quinoa is an excellent source of protein and takes only 15 min to cook in a conventional rice cooker

  12. quinoa is great =D I love it! hemp seeds also! u have 2 try these.

    as for the soy, I agree w/ YJ bout the meat and dairy industry,,, but I can’t digest soy anyways, so (since I’m an ethical vegan) I drink rice milk or almond milk, & eat things like seeds, nuts, wild rice, and wheat gluten (seitan) for my protein =)

  13. Hi, from all my resources I’ve come to the conclusion that GMO/GE soy is bad for us and many people suffer from related health effects.

    For me I thought I had no symptoms from this vegetable until I stopped consuming it for 6 months. This was due to being tested for intolerances (not allergies &not the free “intolerance test” at your Dr surgery). I was clear from allergies with the test the Dr did and came back positive for allergies and intolerances to soy and others when tested by two private labs. I strongly suggest to anyone that is having any symptoms (considering 40% of those on the western diet areknown to be intolerant to some kind of food) to get tested by a great lab & skip the free tests by your Dr. It’s not worth the diseases or bad health we are guaranteed to get (& think is normal) from eating the foods we can’t process properly.

    Non genetically modified soy has been proven to have many good effects on our bodies. The two friends that just died due to our current health system being in the dark ages’ lives could’ve been spared if they caught their intolerances early. (I’m talking generally here. Not claiming eating soy caused the C word.) Their Oncologists picked up these intolerances just months before they died. If I can encourage just one person to google food intolerances and symptoms then I will be even happier. Have a great day :)

  14. Soy can be good… if you can actually digest it. Which a good portion of people like 40% can’t. Alot of people don’t even realize this and eat it anyway. Soy tends to be one of those foods that causes allergic reactions as well, Strange rashes are what come to mind first. You can develop an allergic reaction to soy at any time, even if you have eaten it for years. Sadly there isn’t very much general knowledge on how soy is actually bad for about 1/2 the people that eat it. My suggestion would be to cut the soy from your diet if you have some strange unexplainable rash or you get the shits more often than you think you should.

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