Scallops Roasted on an Open Fire: Grilling with Josh

If this website is the theory of gravity and I’m Isaac Newton, Josh is the apple that fell on my head. He’s the one who pushed me, way back when, to start a food blog. “You really should do it,” he said in October, walking with me through a Chili Festival. “Well,” I said, “we’ll see.”

And now here we are. The day before Memorial Day, and I’m standing in Whole Foods searching for website content. Well, that’s not true: the website content is in my pocket. I have a recipe for scallops on rosemary skewers that I found by simply typing “scallops” into Google. That led me to Steven Raichlen’s BBQ University. You can find the recipe there.

Anyway, I called Josh and his wife Katy to see if they wanted to join. They did. In fact, they offered up their grill since theirs is quality charcoal and mine is gas. I was over there in a jiffy.

Josh had already gotten the fire started:


Amazingly, he did it using only his mind. He’s like Drew Barrymore in Firestarter.

Now I wish I could say these are my hands pushing the rosemary through the scallop, but they are Josh’s.


I was busy in the kitchen shooting a pie movie (to be posted shortly). Well–no–I took this picture, but only ’cause Josh called me in. My point is that Josh did all the work.

See, this is him squeezing a lemon over the scallops. I did nothing!


Now, back to the grill. We threw some corn (still in their husks) on to the flame:


Then the scallops:


The scallops cooked quickly. We turned them over after two minutes:


Oh, and they’re supposed to be wrapped in bacon, but Josh and Katy don’t eat mammal. Little do they know, scallops are warm-blooded.

Now then, here are the finished scallops:


Katy set the table quite brilliantly:


Dinner is served:


And let me tell you, my friends, this was DELICIOUS. Scallops cooked on rosemary? Does life get any better? So easy and so tasty. Plus the rosemary gets all crispy and you can eat it. Josh really liked eating the burnt rosemary.

Here are my contented hosts:


A lovely dinner indeed.

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  1. Sounds tastey- but I must ask- were you grilling on a screened in back porch? not too safe, Am Grmt!

    I hope you had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.

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