Revving Up For Carb Day

To prepare myself physically for tomorrow’s onslaught of carbs, I ingested tonight a piece of salmon and brussel sprouts from Whole Foods:


It now occurs to me that brussel sprouts may have carbs in them, but they still seem healthy. And healthy was my goal. The Whole Foods salmon–this is their dill salmon–is very good, but shockingly expensive. This piece cost $8. I could get it in a restaurant for that much.

Regardless, my body is now good and ready to face the carbs head-to-head. In fact, I am doing the unthinkable: getting up 30 minutes earlier than I have to (and I already have to get up early) to go with Lauren to my favoritte carbohydrate dealer, Dunkin’ Donuts, to kick off National Carbohydrate Awareness Day with style. Devotion to my cause is my middle name.

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