Per Se Shockwaves

So, as I am wont to do, I posted my Per Se review on eGullet the night I wrote it. I originally linked it on here, and then it was merged into the general Per Se review thread. So here’s the link to that:

The Link To That.

If you click on page 4, you’ll see two really cool things. One is a great post by someone named Robyn which offers a great critique of my seriousness. Here is a quote:

“By the way – when I look at all these pictures of food – I think about sex. Would anyone have fun with sex if they spent the whole time taking somewhat clinical pictures of it (as opposed to the pictures you’d never share in public )? You know – I bought a digital camera a while back – but – whenever I’m having a good time – even if I remember to bring the camera – I never remember to take pictures.”

[She has a point… taking these pictures sometimes DOES detract from the meal!]

But then Fat Guy (the founder of eGullet) offers this rather exciting rejoinder:

“I have a different perspective on the matter. Anybody — well, pretty much anybody — can have sex pretty much anywhere. Whereas only 64 people a night can eat at Per Se, and they have to come to New York to do it.

I was just hearing today about a group of cooks at a restaurant in Quebec, all gathered ’round their computer screen looking at adrober’s photos of the food at Per Se. There are people all over the world who are dying to see photos of and read everything they can about the food at Per Se, and this is where they’re coming to do that. So I have to thank adrober, on behalf of the site, for increasing our relevance and providing this service to so many visually hungry people.”

Wow! I’ve increased a site’s relevance! Now if only I could bring more attention to Germanic raw food…

2 thoughts on “Per Se Shockwaves”

  1. Maybe you’ll get to be the reviewer for some big paper now. Hope you don’t mind, but I listed you as my referral on eGullet tonight since I heard about it from you. Time to delurk over there!

  2. You went to Per Se? I’m jealous…I gotta get into the city to try that spot. Of course eGullet is blocked by my company’s firewall (NO idea why) so I can’t read your review here…but I’ll check it out from home tonight!

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