Pavlov’s Almond Tart

Life requires motivators. To get out of bed in the morning, we need incentive. “Ah yes,” we tell ourselves, “Neil Diamond tribute on Good Morning America. Must rise!”

Consequently, great tasks require great motivators. “Climb Mount Everest? How can I?” said Sir Edmond Hillary to himself. And then he realized: “Oh yes! When I reach the top I can sing ‘Climb Every Mountain’ from The Sound of Music and really mean it!”

Today, then, I had to answer Question #3 on my take-home final. Question #3 is a very hard question. It is worth 30 points. It has four parts. I needed a motivator. So I purchased this Almond Tart from Star Provisions (which is very near Kool Korners):


The woman there put it in a box which she put in a bag. I put the bag in my backpack and left it there during part (a) of question #3.

“Eat me,” whispered the tart after part (a).

“No!” I scorned. “We have to finish parts (b) (c) and (d).”

“Aww come on,” the tart taunted, “you deserve me. Part a was really hard!”

I saw his point. I removed the tart and gobbled it down. Then I drove home and checked my e-mail. I watched “The Daily Show.” I didn’t get (b) (c) and (d) done until just now.

So the moral is: don’t prematurely eat your motivators.

3 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Almond Tart”

  1. ah, le tarte… the question (or challenge) is can you make an almond tart as tasty? I find my hommade tarts, while often not as pretty, are so so sooo much harder to resist the siren song of. I make one as a means of procrastination, and then it calls to me in a far louder yet more seductive voice. Damn. Now I want to find a recipe for an almond tart and make it…

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