Oh The Irony

This is a real e-mail I just received:

Dear Adam,

Low Carbs Online have reviewed your website and concluded that you

would be a perfect affiliate partner to market our site. Low Carbs

Online is one of the most visited Low Carb Online Stores in the world.

We sell over 350 Low Carb products, and we have been ranked as one of

the best Low Carb sites by, for example, Shopping.com

We offer you a TEN PERCENT commission on every order you refer to our

website. We offer Free Shipping on all orders over $59.00, so start

earning today…

6 thoughts on “Oh The Irony”

  1. You should do it… why not make a little low carb cash on the side? Come on, Amateur Gourmet, you know you want a little cash to support that bundt cake habit…

  2. And here I thought they HAD actually reviewed my site! How the heck did they harvest the emails? I feel so “unspecial”!


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