Michael Musto Blasts Bombay Dreams with Indian Food

My favorite weekly columnist, hands down, is The Village Voice’s Michael Musto who, I sincerely believe, is deserving of a Pulitzer Prize for what he does with words. Just because he’s a gossip columnist doesn’t mean he’s not a genius! It brings to mind John Updike’s quote on Nabokov: “He writes prose the only way it should be written; that is, ecstatically.”

Take, for example, this skewering of the new Broadway show “Bombay Dreams.” (And yes, this IS food related, people…)

“It’s not hunky tandoori. It’s utter naan-sense. It’s dal as dishwater. It curries no favor. It’s a potato ganesh with mustard. It’s untouchable and unwatchable. But on opening night, I did enjoy the audience member bopping enthusiastically to the music—the show’s producer ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER! He’s a complete vindaloo-nie!”

See? He’s a genius. Case closed.

1 thought on “Michael Musto Blasts Bombay Dreams with Indian Food”

  1. Classic!! I wish I were that clever.

    I agree with him. I saw Bombay Dreams in England. It was complete ass. (Like I said, I ain’t clever.)

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