I Take Requests.

Maybe this is a good time to ask: is there anything you’d like me to cook? To eat? To write about? I am open to suggestions as long as they are written in Sanskrit.

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  1. have you been to Nam? its delicious. its the vietnamese sister to MF sushibar. go for lunch, its about half the price. (it’s in the midtown 8 shopping center)

  2. I’d like to see you do a full iced cake. I mean piping bags full of icing, layers, the whole nine yards. It might be a bit expensive, so if you really feel like taking up the challenge, please wait until a special occasion. Then I won’t feel so guilty asking you to make a cake for my own amusement.

  3. Hmmm…don’t know if these places are still there, but they’re my favorite Atlanta foodie spots that I don’t believe you’ve reviewed, in no particular order:


    Floataway Cafe;

    Eclipse de Luna;

    Arden’s Garden smoothies (from one of their stores, not the bottle);


    Harold’s BBQ;

    the Silver Grill;

    Daddy D’z;

    Bien Thuy

  4. I’m up to my eyeballs in zucchini — my neighbor keeps giving it to me. I’ve made zucchini fritters, soup, saute, gratin, pizza, bread … can you come up with a fantastic zucchini dish? It’s relatively inexpensive and very plentiful right now.


  5. Borscht, though I’ll settle for gazpacho. Our garden is yielding many beets, and we need a recipe from the master!

  6. Something vegan. My boyfriend/domestic partner is going vegan (up to now we’ve both been vegetarian) and I’m having to learn some new skills. But most of the books I’ve been reading don’t have a lot of good, tasty-sounding recipes. They’re mostly full of either “duh” stuff I could have come up with on my own (hummus, burritos, banana bread, regular cake but with soy milk and egg replacer, etc.), or stuff that doesn’t sound that tasty. I feel like if you made something vegan and liked it, I’d have a lot more confidence in its tastiness.

    If you REALLY wanted a challenge, you could get one of the cookbooks that Millenium puts out. From what I hear, some of the recipes in those make the pinecone cake look like ants-on-a-log.

  7. I would like you to take wine (not yourself drinking the wine, just the wine itself) a little more seriously. Consider it as part of your bar exam prep and an alternative to golf. Attending tastings can be tedious and exhausting (too much pretension and not enough actual drinking) but keep a wine journal and start cheap. Notice and note what you. Get going now and then we can follow along too! Sorry for the lack of Sanskrit.

  8. I’m not sure if you’ve covered this or not, but maybe souffles would be interesting. Sweet or savory. That’s something I haven’t had the courage to attempt myself.

    Oh, and anything vegetarian.

  9. I agree with Jill. My first job the summer before University started was at the Washington Wine Commission. It was almost, I say almost- better an education than University was. Go to the store tonight and buy a nice bottle of wine. The best thing I learned is that a nice bottle of wine doesn’t cost $50-100, (at a restaurant it does with the 40% markup), but you can find a nice bottle for closer to $15-20 no problem. There are even good $10 bottles out there. I apologize if you have already wrote about this (I am new to your site), but do you prefer red to white?

  10. Can we maybe explore a question that has been haunting me? If vodka is supposedly colorless and flavorless (unless it’s like peppar or orange or something) WHY does Grey Goose taste so good and the cheapie stuff like at Compound taste like antiseptic? why are there different vodkas? Are they really different??

  11. Make horchata, the mexican drink made with rice, almonds and cinnamon. There are a million recipes online and they’re all different; I need someone to tell me how to make the real deal.

  12. To answer the vodka question, with the best of my limited knowledge, is the same reason there are different brands and types of any type of food or drink. How they actually make the vodka, where it is from, the quality of ingredients, etc…

    And I love the taste of good vodka, so I wouldn’t call it flavorless.

  13. Lisa, the reason I ask is that someone just bought me a book about alcohol and it claims that there really ISN’T difference between vodka except for the advertising and bottling. But how can this be? Something about clear distilled liquors. They advised buying cheap vodka and using the money you savbe to buy really good gin. I’m workig if AG would agree? I do think people can tell the difference and I’m not sure the book is correct.

  14. The book is most assuredly NOT correct. Try a taste of crummy vodka like Smirnoff. It burns. Then try Stoli or Belevedere…they practically evaporate in your mouth.

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