I Made Someone Eat An Eyeball

I hadn’t realized that people were posting to old questions on The Upper Left Corner. I just skimmed through them now and came across this post from S’kat under “Project Palate Expansion” (in which I urged readers to eat something new and write about it):

I know I’m a little late for this one, but what I ate last night was directly in answer to this thread. Had dinner at a little Korean place, and ordered the whole grilled fish. About halfway through the meal, I realized what needed to be done. The eyes. They needed to be eaten. Much to my husband’s dismay, I yanked out the little eyeballs with my chopsticks, pausing to admire their blind gaze for just a moment, before popping it into my mouth. It tasted… salty. Real salty. Like every last vestige of salt that had been packed onto this fish, had ended up in the ocular region. The eyestalk itself was just a little chewy. I ate the other one, for good measure. Husband refused to kiss me until I had brushed my teeth.

All I can say is “Eww!” S’kat, you went too far. Shame on you. You brought disgrace upon The Amateur Gourmet and his readers. Yet, I admire your chutzpah and your gumption. Next time I eat a fish eyeball I’ll think of you.



2 thoughts on “I Made Someone Eat An Eyeball”

  1. As the Chinese have been saying for years, if you’re going to kill a fish or animal, you should have the decency to eat all of it :-)

  2. I have no shame. My husband, however, is refusing to take me to any more Korean restaurants in the near future. ;)

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