Happy National Carbohydrate Awareness Day!


The day we have dreamt about is finally here.

After months…weeks…days of planning, we can finally celebrate carbohydrates the way carbohydrates deserve to be celebrated. All day today, indulge yourself in carbohydrical treats that you never thought possible. Start off the day with a waffle replete with pancake chaser; a donut mid-morning snack; then lunch at your favorite pasta bar. In the afternoon, why not tea and scones—except skip the tea, eat the scones! And dinner—so many choices—why not a rice sandwich? Or oatmeal crusted ravioli? And fill the ravioli with cereal?

Actually, this is a good time to announce…


Here’s how it works. Tonight, prepare the carbiest meal you can imagine. Go all out. Stuff that manicotti with breadcrumbs and serve on a piece of garlic toast. Let your imagination run wild! Points will be awarded for creativity and degree of carbohydrate consumption. And you must have a digital camera. Pictures are required.

Send all entries to me directly (e-mail address is on the lower half of the page) and the winner will receive a copy of Baking With Julia paid for by yours truly! Plus, I’ll feature you (and other worthy entries) on the site!

Now, on to more important matters: conversion. Today it is upon you to convert one non-carb-eater into a carb-consumer by apprising them of the day’s significance. Record your exploits here!

And as a worthy example, I now present an actual telephone transformation recorded by our very own Skip Snafferson of the National Carbohydrate Awareness Foundation:

Edna’s Intervention.

How moving!

Ladies and gentlemen, the hour is upon us. Let the carbs begin!

7 thoughts on “Happy National Carbohydrate Awareness Day!”

  1. I’m tempted to link that song bit on my blog…but people might be offended by the ‘donuts and intercourse’ bit…

  2. columnist alex beam of the boston globe just “happened” to title today’s column “attack of the Carbezoids”….coincidence or fate? you decide.

  3. Could you tell me the procedure for getting the status as a National …. Day?

    Thanks – interesting site in this age of anti-carbs.

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