FREE AT LAST (thank God almighty)

Here is my law school:


Here is me handing in my last law school final EVER:


[A woman standing nearby said: “Excuse me, I have to ask, what did you just take a picture of?” I responded: “I just handed in my last law school final ever. I had to have a picture.” “Of course,” she said and ran off nervously.]

Here is my brain tonight:


Here is my brain tomorrow morning:


Any questions?

11 thoughts on “FREE AT LAST (thank God almighty)”

  1. Congratulations! When is graduation?

    And how long will you be in playwriting school?

  2. A Big Fan of the AG

    Do I see a new t-shirt coming?

    I think you should definitely wear the JJ t-shirt to graduation!

    Congratuations and let us know the results of the Julliard interview.

  3. Congratulations! Such a good feeling, isn’t it??? I guess I’ll see you at graduation or else at Dawkins’ party?!?

  4. I think you should make a special new ice cream flavour in honour of this momentous occasion. Then, go get drunk.

  5. Cathy (Roberts) Martin

    Congrats, Am Gorm! I think you will find fiction writing far more fun, and just as challenging.

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