Ex Post Facto Deliciousness

I just pulled yesterday’s ice cream from the fridge and ohmygod is that the best thing I have ever tasted.


The Barefoot Contessa is a genius. She solved the problem of the overfrozen ice cream. Every ice cream I’ve made so far (and, as you know, I’ve made many) has turned into a solid rock overnight. Not this. This is still creamy, smooth and delicious. It therefore becomes the best ice cream I’ve ever made because it will taste delicious in perpetuity. I suggest you make it too. Go buy an ice cream maker. And make it. Mmmmm. (Ad infinitum).

4 thoughts on “Ex Post Facto Deliciousness”

  1. say in Homer voice…’uhhhhhhhh carrrraaameeelllll….choooccolllattteeee….


    And again I ask, how do you manage to type up so much in ONE DAY?! Don’t you have a job…or something? I know you’re done with school, that’s awesome, good for you, happy day, but when do you get out?

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