Cucina e Dintorni (Does anybody speak Italian?)

Apparently we also made some Italian newspaper/website with pictures of girls in lingerie. Go down to the fourth paragraph, and put your mouse over “cucina e dintori”–that’s me. The site is called: L’Espresso. Can anyone translate?

3 thoughts on “Cucina e Dintorni (Does anybody speak Italian?)”

  1. In perfct english:

    There is who has been pushed quite beyond: the author of amusing situated on kitchen and outskirtses, has sbizzarrito itself with the creation of a tartlet inspiring itself just to the mammella more famous of the moment. Which? But that one of Janet Jackson, discovery during a concert of the same one. The ingredients? Latte, coffee, chocolate and glassa of sugar for the tips of the piercing.

  2. OK, Josh’s translation comes straight from Babelfish – Altavista’s translator. What does it mean? The rest of the article was talking about the explosion of sex-related paraphernalia on the internet. Of course, AG, they are referring to your infamous JJ Breast cupcake.

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