…And Finally

You’re probably as sick of hearing about carbs as I am sick of eating them! But tonight I was in Publix with my digital camera and I began snapping pictures of the low-carb products that seemed to be everywhere. Cereals, drinks, breads, bagels, pills… All stacked in giant displays appealing to the low-carb sensibility. And so now I present a quick cinematic slideshow of my discoveries with the catchy and accessible title: “The Proliferation of Carbophobic Products in America’s Supermarkets.”


Download “The Proliferation of Carbophobic Products in America’s Supermarkets.”

[And I promise, this is the last you’ll hear about carbs for a while!]

5 thoughts on “…And Finally”

  1. Heather, I’m afraid the latter–though intentional. Just a joke, really. Don’t think it really carried.

    Otherwise I think my movie is fab-u-lous. Seriously. I’ve watched it like five times. It’s my proudest achievement. Plus I love the song.


  2. I loved the blending of the Clash with the hyped up Atkins mania (no relation) and Ken Burns effect! Fantastic! I think I’ll go eat a loaf of Wonder Bread in salute to you. Carb-e Diem!

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