A Four Month Anniversary Review on Drowsy Sudafed

It has just come to my attention that today (well, yesterday) is this site’s four month anniversary. My first post was January 14th, 2004 and since today (well, yesterday) is May 14th, 2004, that makes it four months of Amateur Gourmet greatness. To mark the occassion, I just popped two drowsy Sudafeds and I plan to go through the archives for highlights until the drugs take over and I begin blogging incoherently.

In terms of most delicious things I made, I present (in no particular order):

1. Apple Cobbler


2. Barefoot Contessa Guacamole


AND (from the same post)

Barefoot Contessa Sundried Tomato Dip


3. Strawberries Dressed for the Oscar’s


4. French Laundry Staff Lasagna


5. Of course, homemade Sourdough


6. Blood Orange Sorbet


7. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


8. Pinecone Cake [This is my proudest achievement]


9. Barefoot Contessa Pecan Chocolate Ice Cream


10. Superbowl Cupcakes (not pictured due to overexposure).

Wow, I cooked a lot in these past four months. This Sudafed is starting to kick in. Dare I go on?

I shall.

Now for the most delicious things I ate while dining out. In no particular order except for the first one because it was the best:

1. Hands down the best thing I’ve eaten in the past four months is not even something I ordered: The Blue Crab Fritter at Bacchanalia.


What made it great was the citrus and vanilla. It really ruined all other crabcakes for me, it was that good.

2. The Foie Gras Milkshake and Mini-Hamburger at Blais


3. Duck at Babbo


[This was probably my favorite meal.]

4. Passionfruit Tart and Hot Chocolate at City Bakery



Tuna Tartare at Aria


and, later, their Veal Chop


6. The Foie Gras at Per Se


7. Scallops at ‘Cesca


8. Macaroons from the Ritz Carlton


And that’s about it. My head is starting to tilt; I’m losing muscle control. To share your favorite Amateur Gourmet memories, check out the Upper Left Corner. And here’s to another great four months!

2 thoughts on “A Four Month Anniversary Review on Drowsy Sudafed”

  1. Couldn’t say what my favorite memory is because I’ve just recently come across the blog. Although, dear chap, I dare say that your dishes seem to come out better than the ones you gleaned from the Barefoot Contessa.

  2. What is the green filling in the macaroon?

    Happy Anniversary! I wish you many, many more.

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