The Thursday Night Dinner Song: “Suddenly Salad”

Tonight I dined with the lovely Katharine Field; a graduate of Northwestern’s highly illustrious voice and theater program. We met doing Out of Hand Theater’s V.D. Show (she played a ditzy girl in my mini-musical “Cupid’s Turn” and then the next year explored her range with another ditzy girl in my mini-musical “The Boy Who Went Blind.”) We went tonight for salad not because either of us were particularly craving salad but because I had the brilliant idea of reworking “Suddenly Seymour” from “Little Shop of Horrors” into a mega-salad-duet. Yes, in the chicken vs. the egg game of Thursday Night Dinner Songs sometimes the art comes first. Here’s Katharine with her salad:

And here we are in glorious harmony. Seriously, check out Katharine’s voice. She’s amazing. (You can also check her out on “Women Outside The Bakery”; a previous Thursday Night Dinner Song). And if you happen to be the director of a big Broadway musical, watch out! Katharine’s going to law school. So she’ll sue you if you don’t cast her.

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4 thoughts on “The Thursday Night Dinner Song: “Suddenly Salad””

  1. Great rendition! And please tell Katharine what a gorgeous voice she has, especially her vibrato. Very nice.

    By the way, I have a cross-country drive coming up… mind if I make a little CD of your Thursday Night Therenades? It will keep me from falling asleep at the wheel and crashing head-on into an 18-wheeler, I swear.

  2. Very funny. You’re too much. Kat has a lovely, lovely voice and I thought the duetwas damn near perfect. I kept picturing little shop of horrors only instead of the plan eating them– they eat the plant. Very nice.

  3. Gorgeous! Found this link by accident, but do tell that Katharine that she sounds sweet like Sugah!

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