The Amateur Gourmet Challenge: VICTORY IS MINE!

Dear Tara,

You challenged me to make Thai Chicken Barley Risotto. Now behold my splendor:

And now that you’ve been conquered, do you dare reciprocate? Will you attempt to take my title? Avail yourself and prepare to meet thy doom.


The Amateur “Champ” Gourmet


  1. Bring on the counter-challenge!

    Nicely done. But don’t think I didn’t notice that deli-purchased rotisserie chicken in the background, you Taker Of The Easy Way Out.

    Now, I know, the recipe didn’t specify how to cook the chicken, so technically you’re in the clear.

    I’m just sayin’. :)

  2. Wait a second, is that the kroger by emory?

    My best friend from high school lives, like, right there.

    Been to Thaicoon I suppose?

  3. You have a knack for something. What it is, I do not know. But you have it.

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