The Amateur Gourmet Challenge: VICTORY IS MINE!

Dear Tara,

You challenged me to make Thai Chicken Barley Risotto. Now behold my splendor:

And now that you’ve been conquered, do you dare reciprocate? Will you attempt to take my title? Avail yourself and prepare to meet thy doom.


The Amateur “Champ” Gourmet

3 thoughts on “The Amateur Gourmet Challenge: VICTORY IS MINE!”

  1. Bring on the counter-challenge!

    Nicely done. But don’t think I didn’t notice that deli-purchased rotisserie chicken in the background, you Taker Of The Easy Way Out.

    Now, I know, the recipe didn’t specify how to cook the chicken, so technically you’re in the clear.

    I’m just sayin’. :)

  2. Wait a second, is that the kroger by emory?

    My best friend from high school lives, like, right there.

    Been to Thaicoon I suppose?

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