The Amateur Gourmet Challenge: A Small Delay

Today I had planned to take Tara up on her challenge, making her elaborate Thai Chicken Barley Risotto. But, alas, it was Easter and Publix was closed.

Was this part of Tara’s plan?

Amateur Gourmet investigators have attempted to reach Tara for comment, but she refuses to take our calls. A few basic facts have developed:

1. Today is Easter.

2. Publix is closed on Easter.

3. Other stores, not Publix, are still open.

4. Perhaps Tara is not at fault, and the Amateur Gourmet is just lazy.

5. Perhaps the Amateur Gourmet used the money he was going to spend on Tara’s ingredients and, instead, bought the Freaks and Geeks DVD box set.


6. Perhaps, he’ll take her up on her challenge tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “The Amateur Gourmet Challenge: A Small Delay”

  1. Freaks and Geeks rocks! What major holiday can I use as an excuse to buy it…oh yeah, EASTER!

  2. Okay, since you splurged on Freaks & Geeks… are you going to present us with an Amateur Gourmet Freaks & Geeks special?

    A la – Freaks with Geek sauce…

    To get you started, to be authentic it really should include something with a Chicken’s Head… but perhaps chicken would suffice.

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